Final call with Bradley Chapman Bleau, Curator of WooTown Funk Exhibition


Brad Chapman Bleau, returning to Worcester after completing his MFA, plans a fall exhibit at Worcester State University’s Mary Cosgrove Dolphin Gallery to highlight a specific, vibrant side of the local art scene. Titled “WooTown Funk,” the exhibition, which runs from September 15 to October 13, features work by 11 local artists, including Bleau himself. The goal is to make the Dolphin Art Gallery a focal point for the city’s art scene so that local artists can use it as a public space. The fall exhibition will live up to its name, exploring contemporary, somewhat surreal themes in a funky way. Bleau sits down with Last Call to discuss collecting artists, finding inspiration in yard sales, and what funk is all about.

What was the inspiration behind the show’s name?

The reason we call it WooTown Funk is that their work is really out of the way, aggressive and unapologetic. The subject we’re dealing with is very human, yet blends into that surreal world. That show doesn’t necessarily have a theme, but this particular artist collective has some contextual threads between us all. The chaos of human, material culture, visual culture.


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