Final wish fulfilled: Paintings of woman who died of cancer on display at art show

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Singapore-Madame Annie Hoor officially took a watercolor class only in 2018 when she moved from Malaysia to Singapore to help her grandchildren.

In just a few years, she completed numerous paintings on the bird scenes she met on her trips and walks.

During a visit to the home of the HCA hospice care staff before he died of cancer at the end of last month, three 60-year-old grandmothers told us about the story behind each painting.

She was pleased, HCA said in a media release, suggesting that staff exhibit her paintings as part of the A Good Day project. The project “includes a simple but heartfelt wish, often what a good day for a patient means.”

Madame Hua’s watercolor work can be seen at an exhibition titled “Taking Flight” co-sponsored by Singapore’s largest home hospice care provider, HCA, and the local art gallery Sound of Art at the i12 Katong Mall.

Kimoon, an HCA art therapist, said of the three mothers:

“She was cheerful and optimistic. Through her artwork, she wanted people to see the best of life, despite the adversity they might be facing.”

Born in Malaysia in 1961, Madame Hua dropped out of school at the age of six due to family suffering and began working as a beautician from an early age. She had an artistic side and she made crafts from the leather left to sell.

One of her favorite paintings is the one with rows and rows of yellow flowers on display at the exhibition.

“There was a special place in her mind because it refused to take pictures in South Korea for memory. She created this artwork after returning to Singapore. Annie’s Wish Is for people to appreciate and see the simple and best of both life and art through her lenses, “says On, who has become familiar with Madame Hua over the past three months.

This exhibition is the first such art showcase under the A Good Day project, including the release of books for teens and a glamping trip for families whose fathers have died. I planned it.

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