First iPhone 14 Pro CAD renders show few design changes

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What to expect from the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro later this year 9to5Mac Earlier this week, we elaborated on screen resizing and processor upgrades. now, 91 Mobile We have released what we claim to be the first rendering of the iPhone 14 Pro based on the leaked CAD design file …

Exciting iPhone 14 design …

These types of renderings, CAD drawings, and “dummy” models are commonly used by case makers to prepare accessories for future iPhone launches. They often leak from somewhere in Apple’s supply chain, and leaks become more and more common as we approach the release of the new iPhone in the fall.

Rendering from 91 Mobile It is reportedly based on CAD drawings leaked from “industry sources” and shows the design of the iPhone 14 Pro, which looks much like the iPhone 13 Pro. There is a large camera bump on the back and a volume button with a volume switch next to the SIM card slot.

Of course, the biggest change here is the removal of the notch on the front of the iPhone 14 Pro design. Instead of the notch, Apple uses a new pill + hole punch design that essentially eliminates the dead space currently in the notch. The speaker grill is also embedded in the upper bezel, similar to the iPhone 13’s design.

These renders do not show as dramatic a change as the previous iPhone 14 renders suggest. Jon Prosser previously reported that the iPhone 14 has a similar design to the iPhone 4, with a rounded volume button and no camera bumps. Bloomberg Mark Gurman also reported that the iPhone 14 will bring about a “complete redesign.”

However, keep in mind that these types of CAD files are used by case makers, so your design may be inaccurate for design details that do not affect the suitability of your case. For example, there are rumors that Apple will remove the SIM card slot this year. The fact that the iPhone 14 Pro has a SIM card slot does not affect the case maker, so don’t read too much about the fact that these renderings indicate a SIM card slot.

Conversely, notch changes affect accessory manufacturers (especially screen protector companies), so such details are presumed to be accurate. As we approach the September announcement and the release of the latest devices, we expect more leaks on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

What do you think of the changing rumors of coming to the iPhone 14 Pro this year? Are you planning to upgrade? Please let us know in the comments.

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