First platinum-selling hip-hop artist elected to public office in the United States

First platinum-selling hip-hop artist elected to public office in the United States

Newark, NJ, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hip-hop was born nearly 50 years ago Bronx, New York, DJ Kool Herc. Since then, hip-hop culture has transcended music, fashion, art and dance. Hip-hop culture has reshaped and influenced American culture for decades and is now the highest-grossing music genre to date. While hip-hop has always been political, it’s now taken a step further in politics, with Dupré “Doitall” Kelly elected from platinum-selling hip-hop band Lords of the Underground.

Since hip hop has always been the voice of the people, MP Kelly believes that his experience as a hip hop artist will allow him to represent a population that feels unknown and unheard of.superior July 1, 2022 Assemblyman Kelly inaugurated at ceremony Newark. MP Kelly said: “I am with Tupac Shakur about this day. I hope he can come to see me today. 25 years ago, he and I were in a orlando Hotel room, he said we shouldn’t leave our city, man. We should come back and create nonprofits, create youth initiatives and youth programs, he said. We may also need to do something we may not want, which means running for office,” Kelly said.

He pledged to move the West End forward through a revitalization plan that includes youth education and employment programs of interest to young people. Assemblyman Kelly aims to develop a strategy for improving and delivering services using all city departments and external resources. Kelly also plans to work with residents, business owners and community organizations to ensure that quality of life issues are addressed together.

Councillor Kelly is endorsed by many in the entertainment industry, such as Shaquille O’Nealthe man in red, Queen LatifahKRS One, Naturally naughty, Damon Sprint and countless other celebrities around the world.He will continue his entertainment career as he just released his album Brenda’s son Currently starring in a feature film Respect Juxexecutive producer starring Pusha T Tony SiricoVado, Sheila Paytonand Tobias Truvelyan. Mr Kelly attended Shaw University. He is also the founder of 211 Community Impact, Alpha Phi Alpha Incorporated and a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

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