Four-Day International Digital Art, NFT fest Takes On Jerusalem

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Companies have been using artificial intelligence to drive innovation for years and use it as a tool in a wide range of industries. Startups have used AI to save lives and improve traffic safety. He empowered robots to assist in surgery, strengthen the IVF process, and become a companion for understanding context and meaning.

Artificial intelligence has also greatly disrupted the world of art, and researchers have created machine learning tools that can generate music. Painting. Artificial intelligence can also use algorithms to create artwork that duplicates and mimics previous art styles.At this crossroads of art and technology that created the Cultural Revolution, Yair Moss and Daniel Gini Curation This Year’s Hybrid Digital Art Festival – ZERO1NE on the theme of the impact of artificial intelligence on digital art.

“Artists can use a variety of tools to create something special,” Moss, the festival’s artistic co-director, tells No Camels. Our daily life. “

Viewers will embrace the Latentscape of the Italian artist Franz Rosaty. This is an audiovisual experience where music is generated by AI and machine learning. Courtesy: Franz Rosati.

“By considering these new technologies, inspired by the culture and ideas of the past, we can shape the creative expression of our time. This idea is to look at the past and think about the future. I think it’s in sync with the core concept of the David Tower Museum, “Zini adds.

The Art Festival, which hosts a hybrid of physical and virtual events from December 27th to 30th, will give viewers 30 works of art, 6 original site-specific works, 9 lectures, and 10 live performances. You will be given the opportunity to appreciate 12 international works. Artist, and 28 Israeli artists. Many of these events will be livestreamed on the Tower of David website. You can see it here.

The festival is called ZERO1NE after the two numbers that underlie all computerized activities.

According to the announcement, “We will delve directly and indirectly into the mysterious phenomenon of machine learning and explore the position of AI in the world of digital art.” Events travel between different parts of the city of Jerusalem. From the David Tower Museum to the Hansen House, the cultural center of historic leprosy asylum, to the Mazkeka Pub, home to the independent alternative art and music scene in Jerusalem. Festivals include audiovisual performances (many of which also include livestreaming), media installations, lectures, conferences, workshops and more.

Yair Moss, Daniel Zini
Yair Moss and Danielle Zini are artistic co-directors of this year’s ZERO1NE Digital Arts Festival. Focusing on AI.

Many of the festivals are in Hebrew, but are called “on the brink of the Cultural Revolution” by ABC Art Blockchain and community chair Dr. Millie Perry at 18:00 (Israel Time) on Monday, December 27th. An opening discussion will be held. , And Artistic Director Moss on “All Next” (Web3, Blockchain, NFT, DAO, AI, and Metaverse), in English throughout the week by leading tech experts, multimedia artists, and researchers. There are many lectures.

On Tuesday, the first sessions of the two hybrid sessions, called Interspecies Communication Hybrid Session No. 1, included 0rphan Drift, Entangled Others Studio, Tom Love, Jordan Colsey + Deborah Fischer + Ofer Kantor, Erez Ezra + Avi Cohen + Boris Levin. Includes installations by artists such as. , Rachella Alcalay, Memo Akten, etc.

Also on Tuesday, South African multimedia artists will explore the similarities between AI and octopus. Maggie Roberts. Maggie Roberts describes the similarities between manipulating artificial intelligence and octopus somatosensory as a decentralized multi-horizon consciousness. Roberts has collaborated with EticLab to establish the Orphan Drift Collective to develop the ISCRI project (an AI model trained in Octopi). This project combines art, science, technology, and experiments with interspecies communication between Octopi and AI, with humans as mediators. The event will be online on the TOD website.

Other livestreaming discussions will take place in Hebrew and English at New AI Imaginaries Hybrid Session No.2. Highlights include “Artist in the Cloud: Towards a Autonomous Artist”, a talk by visionary, artist and programmer Gene Kogan and a talk by “Artificial LifeAs and other livestreaming discussions” at the new AI Imaginary Hybrid Session No.2. It will be held in Hebrew and English. Highlights will include a lecture in English by visionary artists and artists from the United States, “Cloud Artists: Towards Autonomous Artists.” Programmers Gene Kogan and “Artificial Life As Entanglement” are talks by Feileacan McCormick of Portugal-based Entangled Others Studio on his “Hybrid Ecological Systems”, a series of studies to expose the state of entanglement and the entangled world.

The hybrid ecosystem is a series of ongoing investigations to create the unveiling ceremony of our intertwined world. Courtesy: Feileacan McCormick, Entangled Others Studio

Throughout the week, the Digital Art Festival also hosts a number of live performances that you can enjoy online. Artists include the Italian artist Franz Rosati. Its audiovisual composition, Latentscape, will be screened with music based on machine learning-generated music at Hansen House and a live audiovisual performance that demonstrates a unique digital collaboration with musician OrEdry. Carmi Dror is an artist focused on lens-based art and the creation of digital spaces. The Matsukeka Pub will also host an international performance zoom session.

An audiovisual night at the Tower of the David Museum on Thursday, December 30th will use the Kishul Complex as a setting for an immersive experience of seeing a time capsule of prison space and historic events during the period of the British Mandate. .. Wackel Contact, a trio that currently leads an audiovisual project at the forefront of Jerusalem’s experimental scene, is a special light and sound called “Ganzfeld” in German based on quasi-psychological experiments of the 1970s. (Gantzfeld means “whole” in English) The Sadan Lab at Phasael Tower is based on Tel Aviv, which was founded to support artists focused on the world of modern electronic music and visuals. Local artists and DJs from the label Sadan Records will also be attending, and most of the night’s events will also be live streamed.

The light and sound experience of Wackelkontakt stimulates the senses. It will also be available online. Courtesy: Wackelkontakt

The ZERO1NE Festival began in 2019 and was born out of collaboration between David’s Tower Museum and artistic directors Moss and Gini. The digital world is growing rapidly, and TOD has taken, welcomed and explored the digitization of history and art seriously. It has become one of the few museums in the world with its own innovation lab.

“Six years ago, the Tower of the David Museum entered the world of AR and VR technology and opened an innovation lab that harnesses this energy to improve the visitor experience,” continues Berliner. “Today, our lives are hybrid and touching on the technologies we are trying to better understand, so the tower of the David Museum is a modern cultural that is being transformed and shaped by new technologies and applications. We are proud to bring the platform back to the world. The complexity only reflects the complexity of the city the museum explores, “said Tamar Berliner, Deputy Director of the Tower at the David Museum.

For more information on this week’s ZERO1NE Festival and its events, visit the Tower of David website or the Hansen House website.

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