From lockdown to landscapes for Martin Coyle – Donegal Daily

From lockdown to landscapes for Martin Coyle – Donegal Daily

A series of stunning paintings inspired by the scenic background of the Falkara region and memories of his hometown form the basis of a new exhibition by Martin Coil.

London-based Martin began to develop artistic interests when the blockade was struck, giving him more time from his day-to-day work in maintenance.

He said he began to use this time to paint for the simple pleasure of exploring his creative side.

From there he began sharing his work via Facebook for fun and quickly developed his talent for painting in different styles and increased his followers.

Currently, t-Sean Bheairic is hosting an exhibition featuring up to 50 original works starting at 7:30 pm on Friday, July 29th.

Martin coil landscape

Originally from the famous Coyle family who ran the popular Coyle’s Café on the town’s main street, he was the son of Seamus and Margaret Coyle (formerly Hanlon), grew up with nine siblings, and attended a local school. I was there.

He played GAA at Cloughaneelly, football at Glenea United, and was a former All-Irish winner at PCC.

But he worked for London, where he raised his family.

Talking about his interest in art, he was probably always an artist of the mind, but he developed his interest until he saw a forced lockdown fill a long winter night with paintings. He said he couldn’t get the time or space.

Regarding his first exhibition on his home soil, he said: I started this two years ago. I went to London when I was 22 and didn’t have the space to do it, but I had the time and space on a long winter night and when I posted it on Facebook people responded to it. I paint on Sundays and Wednesdays. I became absorbed in what I did, and the more I did, the better I felt, and I began to be told that I needed an exhibition. Really I was just doing it for fun and sharing it, and people started looking forward to seeing them during Covid. When people reacted to it, I became very humble in their reaction. “

From there he talked to Charlie’The Yank’ Boyle and Noel Smullen. They worked with Ant-Sean Bheairic staff to help arrange the Falkara event in August and another small exhibition at Gaoth Dobhair.

Martin says his childhood and landscape of his youth raised in Falkara influence much of his work.

“I enjoy it and paint whatever comes to my mind. It’s mainly grown up at home, through fields, or in a fish and chips store that was run in Falkara. Dad Having a boat, we spent so much time looking at the sea. These are what I remember with my own eyes, from which the pictures came out. “

The exhibition, entitled “Thall Agus Abus – Here, there and everywhere,” will be held on Friday, July 29th at Anti-Sean Bheairic and will run until August 13th. For more information, see Martin CoyleArt on Facebook.

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