From the Artists Topping the TIME 100 to Seth Green’s Bored Ape Disaster: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week

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What AI Art Means for Artists – In this week’s Art Angle podcast, critic Ben Davis discusses the central topic of his new book. Post-cultural art.

A long-lost Titian painting has been recovered – A portrait of a Renaissance master stolen in 2004 was recovered by Italian police. Police found it in a restoration workshop thanks to the tip.

Ukrainian artist replaces Russian delegation in Davos – The artist has set up a documentary photo of violence established by Russia this year at the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum did not invite a Russian delegation this year.

Anna Delbay organizes an elaborate art show – A New York scammer, still detained in correctional facilities and facing deportation, set up a show of her original artwork at a nightclub carried by a model with stockings on her head.

Forrest Fenn Estate hits the block – The late antiquity dealer, who created an elaborate treasure hunt for a $ 2 million reward, was a lifelong collector of Native American arts and crafts.

Time 100 Functional Artist – Numerous art tycoons such as Nan Goldin, Faith Ringgold, and Mayarin were on TIME’s list of 100 influential people.

Former Louvre Museum charged with criminal charges – Former museum director Jean-Luc Martinez faces allegations of linking him to an ancient relic trafficking ring.

Most of Art Basel HK exhibitors are virtual – More than 50% of exhibitors in Hong Kong are standing in “ghost booths”, that is, physically empty.

Whole Seth Green NFT Saga, Description – Analyze the entire viral story of Austin Powers The actor’s stolen boring monkey and the TV show he was trying to make.

Russian missiles destroy the Palace of Culture – The Palace of Culture in Kharkiv, Ukraine, was destroyed by a Russian missile attack that injured at least eight people.

Inigo Philbrick Judgment – A disgraceful art dealer has been sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment for deceiving collectors of more than $ 86 million.

Banksy has ruined the Welsh politician’s career – Town councilor William Ganon had to resign from his position after faced constant rumors that he was an anonymous street performer Banksy (he is not).

Dorothy’s dress canceled at auction – Judge blocked the sale of blue gingham dresses from Wizard of Oz Until ownership is decided.

Beeple’s account has been compromised – Hackers hijacked NFT star Twitter accounts and got $ 400,000 worth of NFTs and cryptocurrencies from their followers.

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