Fronteras: ‘My father is planning my career’ – muralist Alan Calvo reflects on how his upbringing and legacy have shaped his work


From the dedication of iconic Tejano singers like Vicente Fernadnez, to murals capturing images of puro San Antonio, artist Alan Calvo is behind some of the city’s most iconic murals.

Calvo is best known for his mural of Selena outside the Alamo Candy Building, which features the late Tejano singer and Aztec figures and symbols as a backdrop.The mural earned him SA Current recognition in 2020 best muraland was identified as Best Work of Public Art 2022 by readers of San Antonio Magazine.

He is the son of Alberto Calvo — a popular San Antonio Spanish-language radio personality known as Alberto Allegri. Alegre’s fame has attracted Tejano celebrities including Selena Quintanilla and her family.

Calvo said his father greatly influenced his career.

“all of these [people] They came from all over Texas to do something on his radio station,” he said. “It’s a part of my life…so it’s like ‘wow,’ I need to portray that in my art. “

Calvo also talked about how his Indigenous heritage and traditional Mexican-American imagery were incorporated into his murals.

“I use [Aztec culture] Backstage because, essentially, that’s my background,” he said.

Calvo’s artwork was commissioned by Centro San Antonio, including the “Colores de Nativos” mural outside the Texas Public Radio headquarters. Zona Culture. The area will soon be filled with sculpture, murals and music on the once long neglected high street.


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