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As the film and television industry continues to expand, so do career opportunities in its various fields.In fact, according to Motion Picture Association Theme Report, the global theatrical and home/mobile entertainment market will have a combined revenue of over $80 billion in 2020. With global digital including physical, digital and theatrical means of entertainment, identifying career niches in an evolving industry can be challenging.

Located in Winter Park, Florida, Full Sail University provides students with the knowledge and hands-on industry experience to help them identify their niche in a field they are already passionate about. The university offers several undergraduate and graduate degree programs in film and television.

Each program is reviewed and shared from Program Advisory Committee (PAC) to ensure students are ready to work in their field of interest. These degree programs include:

-This Bachelor of Digital Photography Prepare students for an ever-changing environment by combining knowledge of the latest technological tools with a solid foundation in storytelling. Students learn to create dynamic content by simulating the workflow of an actual studio – starting with script development, production planning, art design and location shooting, then directing, shooting, post-production and finally distribution.

– full sail Bachelor of Film The degree program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the industry while allowing them to discover their unique place in the industry. Students begin with an understanding of the variety of skills and techniques a professional film studio has to offer—from writing to decorating and makeup. Later, students choose industry-focused majors based on their interests.

-inside Master of Arts in Filmmakingstudents’ education focuses on the fundamentals of storytelling, visual aesthetics, and technical roles, as well as the business strategies needed to bring the finished work to an audience.

-This Bachelor of Computer Animation Guide students through the same production process as a professional studio—from storyboarding, sketching, and visual development to modeling and character animation, and final compositing.

–Inside Bachelor of Performance Production, Students will be immersed in the world of contemporary audio, lighting, video and concert media design. Throughout the degree, students gain knowledge that one day positively impacts the live events industry.

In addition to these outstanding degree programs, Full Sail University offers a variety of resources designed to support students from the classroom into the real world. These resources include:

Graduate success

With over 40 years of educational experience, Full Sail University’s global student body has positively impacted the growth and span of opportunities available in entertainment and media. For example, at 93rd Every year at the Academy Awards, 85 graduates are honored with 21 Oscar-nominated films, and 30 graduates are honored with award-winning projects. In addition, 214 graduates received 73 out of 201 nominated projectsrd Primetime Emmys, and four of them won their own Emmys. The breadth and depth of graduate success and awards continues to grow each year, and current students are increasingly inspired as the real-world Full Sail film graduate story unfolds.

Full Sail also recognizes graduates from the entire university community. Each year, the university honors six graduates based on their professional achievements, inducting them into the university’s Hall of Fame. This year, inductees span film, programming, games, media and recording arts, and are named after 2006 film graduate Stephanie Dawson (Producer, WNET Group, PBS) wonderful perfomance) and 2000 show production graduate Justin Rathbun (A1 and production sound engineer/Broadway production Hamilton). By sharing their professional talents, these individuals continue to positively impact the industry.

Because Full Sail graduates can understand the professional aspirations and educational experiences of current students, members of the alumni community often return to Full Sail to host one-on-one conversations, webinars, seminars and other educational events.

University-wide support system

In addition to the support of Full Sail graduates, Full Sail educators have at least four years of relevant industry practical experience. This enables them to bring relevant real-world experience to the classroom as a proof of concept for learning in a professional setting.

Once students are close to graduation, far beyond graduation, Full Sail’s powerful Career Development Department Help them expand their professional network. The Career Development Department devotes its resources to ensuring students and graduates embark on their desired career paths.

  • Cutting edge technology and facilities

Full Sail University’s 210-plus-acre campus features industry-standard technology and facilities, including Hollywood-style locations, movie sets, soundstages, dubbing stations, and motion capture studios. The university’s newest film facility – a virtual production studio – opens on March 8, 2022. It uses a Brompton processor in a 40-foot-wide and 16-foot-tall superpixel LED wall. The facility will educate students on current technical practices in the film industry and foster collaboration between different industries, including film, games, show production, and computer animation.

In addition to the technology provided on campus (included in tuition), students receive a laptop filled with the industry hardware and software they need to succeed at Full Sail and beyond.The initiative calls for Project Starter BoxTM value Regularly tailored and updated to ensure students keep up with the ever-evolving changes in the film and television industry.

Full Sail University embeds passion, resources and support systems into its operations to assist in creating talent pipelines for the many niche professions in the global multi-billion-dollar film and television industry. Its relevant, authentic, project-based education is preparing the next generation of film and television creators, leaders and policymakers.

Main image: Full Sail University exterior, courtesy of Full Sail.

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