Galactic Unicorn Review: Stellar Performance

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Galactic Unicorn Review: Stellar Performance

The Raspberry Pi Pico W disrupted the status quo in mid-2022. For a time we were satisfied with the Raspberry Pi Pico. For $4, it brought a lot of computing power, but it lacked something that ESP32 and ESP8266 owners had, Wi-Fi. The Raspberry Pi Pico W’s higher price, $6 versus $4, saw an extra $2 bring Wi-Fi and many more opportunities to the tiny microcontroller.

Pimoroni capitalized on the Pico W and released a range of Pico W Aboard products, from small sensor platforms to a Inventor’s inspiration. The Pimoroni team also teased a new “Unicorn” board. Pimoroni has a history of releasing Unicorn themed products. The original Unicorn HAT is the first, but the latest is the $50 Galactic Unicorn which sees the Raspberry Pi Pico W power an incredible 538 RGB LEDs.

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