Garage.XYZ Announces Genesis Limited First Edition NFTs with Esteemed Automotive Photographer Ian Wood Featuring Photos of the Most Beautiful Vehicles Ever Created

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San Francisco, March 3, 2022 / PRNewswire / -GarageXYZ, Founded by a photo-based NFT project and DAO concept Anthony Klein, Peter MillerWhen Ian WoodAnnounces Genesis Limited NFT Drop-on March 26, 2022 Immediately after a successful seed round from the General Partnership (Reid Hoffman), Najamu Kidwai (Crypto1) Cosmic Venture Partners (, nifty, masterclass), and Stefan Johansson (Ferrari, McLaren). Garage.XYZ builds, owns and operates the first community-owned racing franchise. Car Club and NFT will provide members with unique access, experience and utilities during the 2022 F1 season. Since its launch in January, Garage.XYZ has secured partnerships with two racing franchises, sponsoring the next driver with the Indy 500 in 24 hours. Le Mans of France.. These first sponsorships are the first step towards the big goal of owning and running the first community-owned F1 team.

Garage.XYZ will soon release the first edition of NFT, a photography project by acclaimed car photographers. Ian Wood With his innovative “naked color” styling. The first edition of the 2250 NFT, entitled “Genesis,” is a photo of some of the most beautiful vehicles ever made. Each vehicle was individually procured and photographed by the Ian and Garage.XYZ teams. Each NFT is an admission ticket or access to the garage community. Revenue from NFT sales also provides members with an experience that is not available with unique money alone. Garage.XYZ aims to be the most influential car club in the world, leveraging the power of the community to provide unparalleled access and experience at all levels.

“Garage.XYZ started as a passionate project. Nights and weekends help eliminate the monotony of’shelter-in-place’. Arbitrarily, we dreamed of owning, but wanted to decide how to access an exorbitantly expensive or rare vehicle, “said Kline, founder and CEO of Garage.XYZ. I am.

He dreamed of a Garage.XYZ vision with co-founder. Peter MillerLearn mechanical engineering, Stanford An engine lab for getting a master’s degree.

“It was when I found Ian that everything really got together. His photos capture the car in the way owners, collectors and enthusiasts look at it. This is what I’ve seen in car photos. It’s the best work, and of course he’s free to allow. Access to the Petersen and Marine Museums, not to mention all the collectors who sought him to take pictures of the car. ”

Sports franchise is owned by the community

Klein is inspired by many football clubs around the world, not just the Green Bay Packers football team. England.. “People want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Racing is already one of the biggest, if not the biggest, sports on the planet. Indeed, it’s the most global. It’s one of the ideas and I believe there is a real opportunity to attract fans. To own and run a racing team all over the world.

“Are we a little crazy? Yeah, maybe … but we came to Silicon Valley and tried to be crazy and succeeded. We know deeply and this is what people want. I have been researching that it is. ”

Garage.XYZ is full throttle this year. The second edition of the NFT, Iconic, will be held this summer, along with a number of exciting IRL events for community members not to be missed.

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