Garbage Pail Kids Points a Terrifying Finger at AI Art’s Biggest Screw-up

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Garbage Pail Kids Points a Terrifying Finger at AI Art’s Biggest Screw-up

Topp’s Garbage Pail Kids point a finger at the bizarre trends of AI art in their latest “2022 was the WORST!” trading card series.

Topp’s Garbage Pail Kids highlighted the inability of AI art to properly generate hands in their latest “2022 was the WORST!” series.

The card, called “Artifcial ART,” shows a trash can kid with distracting, overlapping fingers. The image takes aim at the tendency of AI art bots to struggle with hands, a feature that has been noted as both a weakness of the bots and a surefire way to determine whether an image was created by a human or by AI was generated.

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Garbage Can Kids Artificial Art

Garbage Pail Kids trading cards – originally released in 1985 as a spoof of the family-friendly Cabbage Patch Kids – are known for delivering humorous and often disgusting versions of the most distinct moments of each year. Consisting of ten different cards, the “2022 was the WORST!” series also features memorable moments like Elon Musk buying Twitter and Taylor Swift fans suing Ticketmaster.

The controversy of AI Bots

As AI image bots improved technologically in 2022, they also became more scrutinized. Much of the controversy surrounding them revolves around the fact that the work of real artists fuels the algorithms behind the bots, and none of these artists are currently compensated. As a result, a number of voices in the comics industry have condemned AI art, including BOOM Studios! Acquisitions editor Jon Moisan, who tweeted, “If you submit AI art to me in an attempt to get a job and I find out, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you’re booted out of the comics business. There is no place for fraud in this industry.” Another prominent voice to speak out against AI art is filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, who called it “an affront to life itself” and said he simply couldn’t bring himself “in an illustration that made by machines and interested in the extrapolation of information” .”

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Aside from public outcry against AI art, the United States Copyright Office recently reversed an earlier decision to grant copyright to the comic Zarya of the Dawnwhich was created by Midjourney, citing that only works created by humans can receive official copyright protection.

Kickstarter also banned an AI art project developed by the group Unstable Diffusion designed to “better handle human anatomy.” The company released a statement in the wake of the ban, explaining that it will continue to refine its standards regarding AI art projects that do not imitate the work of human artists. Part of the statement reads: “Kickstarter must, and always will, be on the side of creative work and the people behind that work. We’re here to help creative work thrive.”

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