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The 150-year story of Colorado Springs and its newspaper, The Gazette, is documented through the award-winning work of newspaper photographers.

A longtime photographer, Stanpain, who used to use a large 4×5 speed graphic camera in front of a small Leica, was a Gazette Telegraph photographer and head photographer from 1947 to 1976. Hundreds of his photographs are in the Digital Special Collection in the Pikes Peak Library District. ..

Pain’s Photo Memories book is Broadmoor Golf, including President, General, Politician, Astronaut, Movie Star, athletes such as Billy Martin chatting with Mickey Mantle at a downtown hotel, and Jack Nicklaus. Champions, Olympic figure skaters, tragic and historic news filled with events and special local parades.

From 1986 to 2017, Gazette photographer and photography director Mark Wraith said the newspaper has always been helping photographers, “attracting some of the best photojournalist in the country. And photography. The house has always been supplied with the equipment it needs. “

March 1991 was an era that was forever engraved in Wraith’s memory. United Flight 585 from Denver crashed in a park in Widefield, killing all 20 passengers and five crew members. During that same 24 hours, Wraith received a terrifying call from the editor to rush to a night fire at Crystal Springs Estate, an “intermediate care” home on South Hancock Avenue. Nine elderly people died, and another died later.

“There were three big events and the entire newsroom was at stake,” Reis recalls.

“The Gazette has become a local newspaper (now the city of the Olympics in the United States) and has sent staff around the world,” Wraith said, covering the 10 Olympics.

His personal focus was on athletes trained in Colorado Springs and the Olympic Training Center. “It was great for Michael Phelps to win another gold medal, but I value photos of local athletes the most.”

Rulon Gardner’s memory is “just around the corner.” Popular heavyweight wrestlers were trained here. Wraith was shooting legendary Russian Olympic athlete Aleksandr Karelin. “I never expected to see Luron beat him.” Wraith was there a few years later, just like in tradition, when he put his retirement shoes in the center of the mat for Luron’s final medal match. He also followed local gold medal wrestlers Henry Cejudo and Kyle Snyder.

Wraith covered six Super Bowls and his photo was on those game shirts.

For Wraith, like any other Gazette photojournalist, the major wildfires-Hayman, Wald Canyon, Black Forest-will never be forgotten.

Photographer “I have vivid memories of the news, including death, but as a news photographer, it’s our job to capture what’s there,” Wraith said.

He never forgets a car accident in eastern El Paso County. Two teens were thrown out. death. His photo of a blanket-covered body. Above, a pair of teenage tennis shoes. Some disagreed with the photo, but Wraith had a breakfast conversation with his parents talking to a teenager about not being invincible, not speeding up, and not driving drunk. I knew.

Readers were upset when a picture of his state basketball showed a local player screaming for loss while another player was celebrating in the background. weakness? People wondered why he did it to the child. A year later, he learned that a local high school student taped a photo to his locker. This is a “real pain moment” and is used as an inspiration.

That’s what defines photojournalism in the last few years, and I’m shooting what’s there, Reis says.


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