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Norman Lebrecht

February 27, 2022

A message from Markus Felsner in Munich seems to support the expectation that the city will revoke Gergiev’s contract tomorrow.

Today I informed Maestro Valery Gergiev that he is no longer a client of the Felsner artist.
In the light of the criminal war that the Russian government fought against the democratic and independent country of Ukraine,
And it became impossible for us to defend against the entire open society of Europe, and it was clearly unwelcome.
The interests of Maestro Gergiev, one of the greatest conductors of all time and a fantastic artist loved and admired by many of us.
His long-standing support for the administration that has come to commit such crimes cannot or cannot be publicly terminated.
Valery Gergiev is, and will continue to be, the best conductor for me.
With the deep decency that his relentless commitment has helped countless artists build their international career.
It has brought the beauty of music to millions of people around the world.The work of his life is astounding in the thousands
Mariinsky Theater musicians, dancers, other employees and their families.
family. Maestro Gergiev has an artistic advantage that is unmatched by virtually every living artist.
It would be completely wrong to hold an artist accountable by nationality alone.All art is political, but not all
The artist is a politician.But artists also understand the clear difference between patriotism and active political support.
The current government of your country.My most sincere hope is the State Academic Mariinsky Theater and its director Valerie.
Gergiev will soon enjoy not only his enormous artistry, but of course the freedom to represent the country of the world he is proud of.
The heritage, the beauty of its language and its wonderfully talented people, as well as its leader’s adherence to peace,

Open society and the rule of law.When the government maliciously attacks the reconstructed peace order of our entire continent
Built, formerly a candid political supporter of the government and had a government-sponsored office, but I can’t

My personal view is that in a seemingly neutral way, I appeal to “both sides” for peace or remain completely silent.No one can serve
He with love and dedication.
I have a broken heart personally.At the same time, I probably couldn’t continue our professional service for any of us
The artist, or looking in the mirror, knows that we may somehow directly or indirectly benefit from the system of paying wages.
War with all of us. This is the saddest day of my professional life. My idea is in Valery Gergiev, and more so,
Millions of victims of the criminal war in front of us.


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