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A new issue of digital photographer has been published.

This month we have another great issue, full of professional techniques, advice and insights.

Better bird pictures

Soar bird photos with a detailed guide (Image credit: Future)

Bird photography is a difficult genre to master. Your subject is fast, agile, and seemingly unstable in nature. However, if you have a working knowledge of bird behavior, you can apply your photography skills to capture stunning images. In the first feature of this issue, we’ll look at birds in flight, stunning habitats, and the equipment, research, location, and camera skills needed to catch them in stunning light. If you like nature imaging, you don’t want to miss this!

Understand the lens

Understanding key terms and technologies will further shape your optics (Image credit: Future)

Lenses are often said to be the most important aspect of a camera system. The camera model itself goes back and forth and is updated frequently, but the lens forms the backbone of the photographer’s kit. In this second issue, we’ll delve deeper into what all types of high-tech lenses offer. We will investigate each structure, compatibility and characteristics, and from today we will make more informed purchase decisions and enable you to take better images in all situations.

Creative outdoor portrait

Tom Calton is a guide to shooting and editing great location portraits in this issue. (Image credit: Future)

The outside world offers great opportunities for great portraits beyond the average staged image in the studio. However, there are some challenges to overcome and Tom Calton can help. In our creative project, he explains how to manage light, properly compose images, and work in vibrant colors for stunning outdoor elevated portrait research.

Brand identity

Visited by Peter Fenech Rosie Parsons, at Exeter’s home studio, discovered how she perceives a unique portrait of a woman in her business. (Image credit: Future)

Group test: Super Telephoto

Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, or Sony? Which super-telephoto lens is the best? Check it out in the 253 group test! (Image credit: Future)

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