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name: Melissa Reese When Chris Funa Wilkerson

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FOr interior designer Melissa Reese, the most important investment in a project is time with clients.

“When working on a new interior design project, we need to learn not only what is being said, but also how our clients interact with the home,” says Reese. “Most of our work is to understand our clients. If we don’t understand, we can make a clean house, but we want it to be a house.”

Owner and co-lead designer M Hill Wreath InteriorReese, a residential interior design company at Point Breeze, says he has been fascinated by interior design since he was a kid. She always relocated her room and planned her Barbie doll house with great care.

“If anyone wanted to play Barbie with me, I had to build a house,” Reese says. “That made me happy.”


Krishna Wilkerson

Reese holds a bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Pittsburgh Art Institute. There she met interior designer Krishna Wilkerson. Both graduated in 2016. Reese opened M. Hill Reese the following year, and Wilkerson joined as co-lead designer last March.

In addition to using space for interior design, Reese sells her own line of home accessories in her studio. Live prim It offers a variety of decorative dishes, fake pampas, bookends and coasters. Wilkerson also sells wax candles and essential oils in the space for her business, Brighten the atmosphere.. Reese says both lines have a growing passion for styling.

“I love styling because I don’t think it’s possible to put just the furniture in the room, so I wanted to start an accessories business,” she says. “My overall purpose is to find things that can improve my home and give people access to what they feel is right for them.”

She adds that her favorite project so far is the townhouse refurbishment she and Wilkerson are currently working on for a couple on the North Side. The two have refurbished the living room, kitchen and powder room, as well as adding architectural details that reflect the lives of homeowners.

“My husband is a private chef, my wife is from Brooklyn, and she grew up in brownstone. It was important to put a brick wall somewhere so she could have an element of life.” Reese says. “Her husband loves suits, so I wanted to incorporate patterns and textured details that are reminiscent of men’s clothing in the kitchen.”

After the homeowner talked to Reese and Wilkerson about a trip to the Champagne region of France, the designer incorporated elements of the couple’s favorite champagne bottle, Veuve Clicquot.

“We used wallpaper with details of various drink bottles on the back of the glass cabinet, not only in my wife’s favorite color, but also in orange, which reflects her favorite champagne,” Reese said. Says.

Reese says he was also inspired by the Art Deco interior of downtown Kimpton Hotel Monaco, where the couple married.

“The hotel had green chairs, so there was a green bathroom. The lobby has a birdcage wall, so we put the birdcage into the lighting fixtures,” she says.

Second, Reese says her goal is to pursue more new construction projects that will allow her and Wilkerson to design the house from start to finish.

“I love not only choosing furniture, but also talking about finishes, party walls and interiors of buildings. I love the details of architecture and work with contractors and architects,” Reese said. say. “I think being able to build a house from the beginning can be really beautiful.”


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