Gluck+ covers Hollywood Hills home with an angular roof


A faceted roof with thin pillars is on top of this house by Gluck + in the Hollywood Hills district of Los Angeles, covering the dwelling “like a parasol.”

The single-family home, simply named California House, was completed by New York City company Gluck + in a “spectacular” steep location overlooking Los Angeles.

There is a roof with the corners of thin pillars above the California house

The property offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and Hollywood Sign landmarks.

“Building on this site has long been considered unbuildable, but there were two challenges,” says Gluck +. “First, to minimize the impact on the landscape of the house, and second, to create a sufficiently flat area that is comfortable for outdoor activities.”

Family house by Gluck +
The project was designed for the family

The team solved this by creating a strong separation between the upper and lower levels of the house. By burying the lower floors in the middle of a steep hill, we have a pedestal on which the top floor can be built.

Since the installation area of ​​the upper floors is smaller than that of the lower floors, it is surrounded by a flat exterior space that surrounds all sides.

California house bedroom
The bedroom is on the lower floor

“The lower floors are carved into the hills and the green roofs spread out, creating a strong ground, or bench, on steeply sloping lands,” the architect explained. “This section is large, but essentially invisible.”

Gluck + included 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a home office, a theater, and most private spaces downstairs.

Home cinema is also downstairs

On the top floor, there is an area where families can enjoy cooking, entertainment and gatherings. This airy space is glazed on all sides and has a tall angled ceiling along the contours of the carved roof.

“Everything here is designed to keep space simple and open,” Gluck + said. “The partition between the kitchen and the space never touches the ceiling, so it looks like it’s floating on a separate steel support.”

The roof sits on thin steel columns and provides ample shade both inside the house and in the surrounding exterior space.

“Like a vast sunshade, the roof of a house is a rectangle with an upward edge that extends far beyond the footprint of a rectangular pavilion,” the team said.

California House Neutral Interior
Neutral interior is in the California House

By building a 7,500-square-foot (696-square-meter) home underground, Gluck + was able to meet California’s Title 24 energy code, which sets some of the strictest efficiency standards in the United States.

Among other sustainable features of the building are geothermal heating and cooling, and solar panels on the roof hidden in the upward surface. According to architects, these produce more energy than a house consumes.

Hollywood Hills House
You can enjoy a vast view of Hollywood Hills

Gluck + is an architectural and construction company formerly known as Peter Gluck and Partners Architects.

Other projects by the studio include a North Carolina laboratory and research center aimed at withstanding harsh coastal weather, and an artist’s residence in northern New York consisting of wooden volumes connected by glass passages. included.

The photo is by Paul Vu.

Project credit:

Gluck + Team: Austin Anderson, Ross Galloway, Thomas Gluck, Matthew Harmon, Narin Hagopian, Gonzalo Moran
Civil and Structural Engineers: Peck
Ground Engineering Engineer: Chic Geo Technical
Mechanical engineer: IBC Engineering Services, Inc. CES Engineering
Lighting design: Lux Populi
interior design: Insight Environmental Design
Landscape design: Hoerr Schaudt
Expeditor: Kimberlina Whettam and Associates


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