First crypto native luxury house and lifestyle label

gmoney (@Gmoneynft) has built a global reputation by leading the technology and creative sectors to the Metaverse. Originally known as the ideological leader of NFTs, it is now recognized as the creator, collaborator, and trusted authority in building the foundation of the community. gmoney gives his creative thinking and guidance, 9dcc, ( // @ 9dccxyz), the first crypto-native luxury home and lifestyle platform in history. In the coming weeks, the label will debut its first product launch – ITERATION-01 – Launch of high-end T-shirts Admit 1 (@ Admit0001) Member. This community has been using gmoney from the beginning and will continue to enjoy the early benefits of 9dcc.

“Gmoney portrait created exclusively for BoF by Nathaniel Parrott (@ Parrott.ism)”

Built for innovators, changemakers and disruptors, the 9dcc Genesis release embodies a new canvas for the luxury sector where perceived value is decentralized and true desires are built through ownership transparency. The name alone reflects the spirit of web3 at the heart of the brand. The mysterious set of letters and numbers represents the last four digits of the house’s Ethereum wallet, where all product representations of the brand are born and connected. Gmoney’s curation of unique and classy elements for the 9dcc collection is combined with the integration of advanced chip hardware and innovative thinking in the application. Through 9dcc, gmoney promises an evolved range of designers and a unique experience that seamlessly connects the two universes.

The new label agrees with the ideal of promoting the nuanced architecture and heritage of an iconic fashion house under the creative direction of gmoney, while being innovative in terms of technology. To the luxury market. At the same time, 9dcc is a discerning digital-first consumer fashion that reinterprets centuries-old house code traditions and aligns its view of fashion and design with gmoney’s own timeless vision of style. Provides a fresh view of. The brand promises to constantly innovate and evolve beyond binary and analog. 9dcc is an exciting and cohesive way to move between the digital and physical realms through a single amazing product or event, rethinking the concept of a lifestyle platform that addresses different aspects of the lives of consumers around the world. It evokes an advanced experience.

Working with leading designers, fabric mills and elite manufacturers, and working with Web3 technology leaders, each thoughtfully designed piece has valuable utility and can bring meaning to all areas. These partners present unparalleled expertise in the world of decentralized knowledge and perspective on ownership, demonstrating a keen understanding of the cultural nuances and desires of one of the most coveted audiences in fashion. .. At his moment, gmoney is a visionary person with unique qualifications to create the first cryptocurrency Native Maison and lead us to the next generation of fashion e-commerce.

About gmoney

Futurism. Disruptor. Apes. designer. gmoney is a well-known NFT cultural thought leader, educator and community authority. Perhaps best known for sportsing his iconic orange beanie, Crypto Punk, as an anonymous being. He is one of the largest NFT collectors in the world today. gmoney has sold the CryptoPunks purchased for the collection to Visa and Galaxy Digital. He was recognized by nftnow’s 2022 “NFT100” and appeared in Fortune as one of the 50 most important NFTs. gmoney discusses why the world’s largest companies such as Adidas, Meta, Nike, Visa and Pepsi are plunging into cryptocurrencies and how blockchain and Metaverse strategies are important for future success and monetization. , Educate people on a regular basis. gmoney is a symbol of conscious success in the field of Web3 that has solidified his reputation through multifaceted business initiatives, investments, partnerships, collaborations, and transparent communication across various social channels. It became a symbol. He also highlights the POCs, women and other minorities of the universe and positions himself as a reliable, genuine and diverse voice.

About Parrot

Nathaniel Parrot is a 26-year-old interdisciplinary artist from Seattle, Washington, who is currently working on his work.
Numerous creative attempts to explore the bridge between the physical and digital worlds.
Parrot is an early adopter of NFTs and joined Super Rare as an artist in early 2020. Throughout 2020
And the 2021 Parrot appeared in many successful NFT projects and many 1/1 sales.
SuperRare and other cryptoart platforms.
Parrot is deeply immersed in crypto culture as an NFT collector and an NFT-focused angel investor.
Startup. His NFT collection includes works created by pioneering artists such as Beeple.
ThankYouX, FEWOCiOUS, Jonathan Wolfe, Odious, Victor Mosquera, Micah Johnson, 3LAU, and
His latest collection, “How to Kill Wildflowers,” is his surreal and striking expression.
Fight creativity, integrate success and find happiness.
● Detailed information: https: //
● IG: @ parrott.ism
● TW: @itsparrott
● SUPER RARE: @parrott
● NFTY GATEWAY: @parrott_ism
● OPENSEA: Artifex – parrott_ism
● WEB:
● Manager: YM & U artist Troy Dubrovsky


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