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MR House Time Journey

Gon Architects And anatorres pays close attention to the past and present. Apartment renovation at the center Madrid.. This project was first commissioned in January 2016 by the prestigious fashion MR. photographer A person who has lived in New York for many years and works in the USA, which is one of the most fashionable magazines in the world.

The project, dubbed the “MR House,” is the result of complex rehabilitation, built by multiple layers of different time periods, and a high level of detail and finishing reveals the diversity of its changes over the years. increase. A journey through time, a meticulous piece of material and spatial archeology that proves the process of craftsmanship, dive into the past, where future elements were introduced to live in the present, which retains the charm of the original apartment.

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The 175-square-meter residence is located on the third floor of a 1900s building on Leganitos Street in Madrid. Architects Gonzalo Pardo and Anna Torres explain that when they first visited the house, they were most impressed with the “degenerate bourgeois atmosphere” and “a magical talent.” Hierarchical structure of connected rooms, its thick bearing walls, marble and slate checkerboard floors, paper walls, large variety of formats and transparency floor-to-ceiling doors, presence of three fireplaces, and surroundings High ceiling covered with moldings and a central rosette.

The challenges of the project were clear. The idea is to integrate many of the stories already contained in the home into the new design while preserving the charm of the original home. Faced with the idea of ​​extinguishing the architecture of a house without leaving any trace, the idea can sustain the “ghosts” of the 20th century, but in the 21st century.

Mr. House 6

Renovation with various project phases and required licenses, lasting 5 years, is the value of the structural, spatial and original materials of the home and the comfort of the home where modern technology makes the home comfortable and sustainable. A place that wants to coexist with something that transforms into.

The design of multiple home spaces in a home was carried out thanks to two different strategies. One reuses, benefits and reinterprets the most identifiable elements of the house, such as 22 existing doors or 955 slate and marble tiles. Exists on the original pavement classified as inventories. This meticulous and delicate work method (mostly surgical) allowed architects to clean, approach and discover projects. This facilitated individual or assembled relocation to the floor of the new home, resulting in a second life.

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All elements that could not be preserved and restored, such as moldings and fireplaces, were reinterpreted and constructed according to the modern language consistent with the home. For other elements that were needed but did not exist, such as cabinet doors, a numerical control system was used to digitize and pantograph certain existing decorative patterns, with new support materials and original patterns. I added a negative version of the indent to distinguish it.

The second strategy is very deep spatial manipulation according to modern lifestyles, such as establishing a continuous and fluid connection between all the rooms of the house, thanks to the demolition of partitions and the atomization of specific parts. Aims to run. For example, public and private, or internal and external boundaries are blurred, such as in kitchens and bathrooms where the toilet is separated from the shower and sink. Strategically placed mirrors have also been introduced with the aim of creating an optical illusion that duplicates and expands the room.

Mr. House 5

Mr. House 1

Mr. House 2

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Project information:

name: MR house

position: Madrid, Spain
Architecture: Gon Architects + Anatores

range: 175 square meters

Photo: imagen subliminal

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