Google announces Material Design Award winners for 2021

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Google has announced the results of the 7th Material Design Awards to commemorate three apps that use Material Design Guidelines to create great experiences. This year’s awards cover three categories: the best big screen adaptations, the best dark theme implementations, and the best motion design. The winners of this year’s Material Design Awards are:

Big screen winner: Todoist

Todoist's big screen layout

In a blog post announcing the winners, Google explains that Todoist’s adaptive design for big-screen devices addresses the unique features of the app and introduces more nuances.App column-based layout grid “Provides a convenient structure for creating and testing such layouts, and how the components adapt the Todoist bottom sheet to the screen size to maintain clarity, context, and readability. Allows you to make quick decisions. Navigation components take better advantage of increased screen size. “

Dark Theme Winner: Meetly

Meetly’s Dark Theme First Approach for Recent Redesigns “It stands out as a product that conveys Meetly’s identity while comprehensively applying color to the entire interface to improve readability in dark environments.” Google also praises the app’s attention to dark-themed illustrations and consistent color applications. “It helped eliminate the” eye-catching “or” looking out of place “elements when switching between bright and dark themes. “

Motion Winner: Post-it

The Post-it app has won the highest motion design award, thanks to the meaningful interactions it offers. To elaborate on these meaningful interactions, Google states: “Users use the device’s camera to capture notes in the app. The notes are animated upwards, highlighting the real-world background and signaling the transition from physical space to a digital experience. Touches like help duplicate and enhance existing mental models, allowing post-it notes to work in the app as they really are. “

If you want to experience a design that sets you apart from the competition, we recommend trying these apps.

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