Google Doodle goes neo-impressionist to celebrate artist Georges Seurat’s 162nd birthday

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Georges Seurat was probably the most well-known French painter for creating the masterpiece “Sunday Afternoon” on the island of La Grande Jat, an idyllic scene where Jambon-beurians enjoy the park. Instead of mixing colors on the palette and then applying them to the canvas, Seurat used a technique he devised called pointillism. With this technique, there are distinct dot-colored strokes that blend into the image when viewed from a distance.

His innovative style will create a neo-impressionist avant-garde art movement and will change the world of art forever. To celebrate his influence, Google dedicated an animated Doodle to Seurat on his 162nd birthday. Doodle introduces pointillism technology and shows that the Google logo will gradually change on Sunday afternoon in Seurat on La Grande Jat Island.

Georges Pierre Sula was born on December 2, 1859 in Paris, and after starting art classes as a teenager, he enrolled in the famous art school Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1878. Surah sketched the sculpture and copied the old master, but soon became fascinated. With the traditional academic approach, he left school in November 1879 to study for himself. He was particularly influenced by the Impressionists Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro, and how they portray light and atmosphere in their paintings.

With a keen interest in the science of art, Seurat began studying color theory, perception, and the psychological power of lines and shapes. He was particularly influenced by the writings of the French chemist Michel Eugène Chevreul and the American physicist Ogden Rood, who incorporated a scientific approach to color and optical effects into his paintings.

After his first major painting, the Impressionist-influenced Bathers at Asnière, was rejected by the Salon in Paris in 1884, Seurat went to work on Sunday afternoon on La Grande Jat Island. Using pointillism techniques, Seurat began applying thousands of small dots and fills to mural-sized canvases.

The painting, which depicts a Jambon-beur resting on a walk in a park on the island of the Seine, took two years to complete and is now part of the Art Institute of Chicago’s permanent collection. This painting was the inspiration for Broadway Musical Sunday in a park with George.

Seurat’s life was shortened in 1891. He died at the age of 31 with a short illness that may have been meningitis or pneumonia.

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