Google honors wishes of young Uvalde victim who wanted to make the world happy with her art

Google honors wishes of young Uvalde victim who wanted to make the world happy with her art

Know the lives of 21 teachers and young students who lived before being the victim of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history the day after the May 24 tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Yuvalde. became.

Before she was killed, Alithia submitted a drawing for a national search for Doodle for Google. The application process started in January and ended in March.

The Google contest called on young artists to create designs for Google Doodle. This design greets Internet users when they query search engines. Jury members including Selena Gomez, Ellis Fox and Juliana Ulzby were tapped to pick a winner.

The 10-year-old parents told reporters shortly after the shooting that the fourth grade had submitted a picture of the contest.

Father Ryan Ramirez showed a picture of his daughter Alicia Ramirez when her best friend died in September.

Photo by Gabriel Romero

Google is holding space for Alithia, as the search is currently narrowed down to five finalists to be determined on Thursday, July 28th. The banner at the top of the contest page welcomes website visitors.

“Doodle for Google honors 2022 contestants Alithia Haven Ramirez and all the victims of the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas,” the memo said.

Another page dedicated to Alithia has her artwork and photos. The sketch submitted by Alicia is a cozy scene of a girl curled up on the couch with a ball of yarn and a pet. Google is spelled out with a set of framed art hanging on the wall.

The memorial page also contains a quote from the girl’s entry.

“I want the world to see my art and show the world what I can do. I hope people will be happy to see my passion for art,” she wrote.


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