Greek Chic – 5 ways designers style this new new decor trend

Greek Chic – 5 ways designers style this new new decor trend

Greek fashion is an enduring trend. A decade ago it meant gold bracelets, braided headbands and gladiator sandals, but now the country’s signature style is making its mark on our decor. Despite its simplicity, the soft and sun-drenched feel of a Greek villa exudes luxury and sophistication, a relaxing and peaceful feeling we’ve all been craving this summer.

With the whole world seemingly flying off to Greece for a good rest in the Mediterranean sun (check Instagram for more details), when they return home, it seems everyone is focusing on the revival of Hellenism. The biggest names in interior design are also noticing that elements of the country’s elegant style are returning. For designers, that means statement sculpture, bold geometric designs and iconic Greek motifs.

If you love crisp white walls, warm terracotta, and bright bougainvilleas—let’s face it, who isn’t—here’s how you can achieve this effortless style in your own home.

Colorful Greek Villas by Howark Design

(Image credit: Howard Design)

1. Stay away from blue and white


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