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Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was enacted on January 1, 1863, but the Civil War continues and the South Army’s slaves will not be released until the South Army secures surrender from the Capitol. It was. Therefore, the “Liberation Day” was different from state to state.

In Florida, this important historic designation is given on May 20, the date the Lincoln Declaration was read-by the commander of the Conquering Union-at the Capitol of Tallahassee.

Juneteenth, a federal holiday, takes place on June 19th, the anniversary of liberation in Texas, the last base of institutionalized slavery.

Tampa Bay Green Book organized The Journey to liberation, Exhibition of works by local artists, Saturday, thestudio @ 620. It is located between Florida Anniversary and National Foundation Day. This is the organization’s second annual group exhibition.

The art will remain until June 30th, but the Saturday event is noteworthy. Because the artist himself is there to talk with Green Book co-founders Hillary Van Dyke and Joshua Bean, especially why they created your work. Received a call to Van Dyck’s artists.

Tampa Bay Green Book

Joshua Bean and Hillary Vandike. File photo.

“I won’t tell anyone what kind of work I’m submitting or what it should look like,” Van Dyke explains. “Therefore, they have the freedom to do what they want, but we always strive to respect black history and blacks.”

Green Book is a black-owned business directory that serves Pinellas and Hillsborough County.

“And Josh and I are very interested in art, so we know how art can make us feel relaxed, peaceful and free, so we want to bring it to the community. Come see the very talented people and their work. I think the sense of freedom you feel when experiencing art is important. “

All participating artists are listed in the Green Book, Van Dyck said.

A work by the sculptor Ashley Rivers, also known as the nature of fire.

“One of the characteristics of the Green Book is that it has a directory to help people do better about spreading wealth in the community,” she explained. “But we were also serious about getting people in the arts and entertainment category to include people who aren’t traditionally considered businesses, but are still producing something important and uplifting.”

Most of the featured art is standard size, but two creatives, Carlos “Zulu Painter” Culbertson and Jason “Wayward Walls” Harvin, paint wall-sized murals.

Other artists include Eb & Floww and Dr. Includes Goggles, Myiah Pink, The Nature of Fire, Nomadic Fete, Tenea D. Johnson and Vivia Grier.

Saturday’s event will also feature live performances by Green Book directory musicians Queen of Ex, Shadcore and Shelby Sol.

Coming to the studio @ 620 on June 10th, Green Book will be joining The American Griot. Voice anthology.. The 6-9 pm event is claimed as a “complete artistic immersive” by different artists celebrating the Black Story through different media.

thestudio @ 620 All information (and tickets) on the website.

Zulu Painter (Carlos Culbertson)

Selfish wall (Jason Harvin)


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