Grimshaw’s latest design for London Euston HS2 station revealed

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Architectural firm Grimshaw designed a “bold geometric roof” with the latest plans to bring the HS2 high-speed rail to London Euston Station.

Grimshaw has partnered with engineering firms Arup and WSP on Euston’s overhaul, turning the railway station into a major high-speed rail end.

The expanded station, which spans three levels, has the largest station concourse in the UK and operates up to 17 high-speed trains per hour.

The design has changed significantly from the visuals released in 2018. The new addition of the folded cornered roof is intended to give the station a clear identity while allowing natural light to shine inside.

Roof components are prefabricated offsite and installed using modular construction technology to reduce carbon emissions, reduce costs and minimize disruption to existing rail services.

Grimshaw’s latest design features a “bold geometric roof”

The HS2 platform will be located underground and the station hall will be opened to become a 300 meter long public concourse leading to the north and south public squares and gardens.

Retail space is provided on both the ground floor and the ground floor.

“The scale of the new HS2 London Euston Station means there is an opportunity to create a new, truly public civil space in London. This place will meet the needs of transportation and passengers and with the existing urban structure. We will be part of the community, “says Declan McCafferty. , Grimshaw’s partner.

“The 300-meter-long station hall is central to this approach, connecting to local streets and neighborhoods through a transparent, accessible, open, green pedestrian space. Create a space. “

The main gateway to the North and Midland

The construction will make Euston a major gateway to Midland and northern destinations.

The HS2 station has 10 underground platforms, but existing network rail stations will continue to operate.

There is also a new London Underground Ticket Hall connecting both Euston and Euston Square underground stations, providing links to Northern, Victoria, Circle, Hammersmith, Cityline and Metropolitan Lines.

The entrances will be located on the north, south and west sides of the station, connecting to a new bicycle parking route and 2,000 bicycle parking spaces.

Euston Square Garden will be upgraded to create a new public green space to the north. Housing supply is also included in the plan.

Opportunity for a “new part of the city”

“The London Euston Station in HS2 is one of the most complex parts of the HS2 route, in a densely populated residential area and adjacent to a crowded operating railroad,” said HS2’s Euston Area Client Director. Lawrence Whitborn says.

“HS2 Ltd is committed to getting Euston right and working with communities and stakeholders to design it,” he continued.

“With the advent of HS2, Euston is rapidly becoming one of the largest transport-driven regeneration projects of the 21st century. Unique to collaborate with stakeholders and partners across more than 60 acres to create new works. Opportunities. A city that creates thousands of jobs, new homes, and areas of lush public spaces. “

Construction work will be carried out by MDJV, a partnership between contractors Mace and Dragados.

The station will be built in single phase to reduce the length of the construction period. The goal is to achieve BREEAM’s outstanding sustainability assessment.

Public consultation started

The project will undergo 18 months of public consultation before proceeding.

“The arrival of HS2 at Euston provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create an iconic destination in the region, helping to improve the economy of London as well as the UK. Probably, “says Andrew Stevenson. HS2 Minister of Government.

“This station not only benefits the community by enabling comprehensive redevelopment of the region, but also acts as a transportation superhub that acts as a gateway to Midland and the north. We will be able to provide superior railways nationwide faster than planned. “

When completed, HS2 will provide high-speed connectivity between the four largest cities in the UK: London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. It also connects the crew with the town of Wigan.

Other structures created for the network include the Water Orton Viaduct designed by Weston Williamson + Partners to sit on a “community-led orchard” and a ventilation tower disguised as a barn designed by Grimshaw. there is.

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