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To commemorate the launch of Gran Turismo 7, we will be holding a GT7 design competition in partnership with popular franchise fans. This is your chance to compete with Bring Me The Horizon, David, T-Pain, Anspeakable, or Grev in GT7. And it gets better! The winner of the contest will be exhibiting the in-game car coloring at Gran Turismo 7 for two weeks.

Hone your design skills by creating custom colors inspired by featured artists and creators. come in:

  • Use Livery Editor * to design coloring inspired by one of the artists or creators.
  • Use the Scapes feature * or RacePhoto to capture your photos
  • Tag the artists and creators who designed the livery (Bring Me the Horizon, David, T-Pain, Grev, Anspeakable) on Instagram and Twitter, and send the livery with the hashtag # GT7DesignCompetition. increase.

It’s as easy as that, and you’re in. Each artist or creator will determine the design assigned to them and choose one custom in-game color designer to compete. Each award-winning design will also be on display at Gran Turismo 7 for two weeks.

The convention will be held in some countries of the world from now until March 23rd. Follow featured artists and creators on social media to stay up to date on the contest and watch this week’s announcement.

Tips to get started

Want to know how to get started, or just looking for design inspiration? Here are five tips for maximizing the possibilities of car coloring design.

Learn basic photography tips using the My First Scapes tutorial. This tutorial will show you some of the specially selected spots and guide you through the controls and features of different cameras.

Choose from thousands of Scapes locations around the world to find the perfect environment. Available Scapes range from Yosemite National Park in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Dunlop Corner near the iconic Fuji Speedway in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Use this new feature of Livery Editor for GT7 to add decals to your car windows and helmet visor to personalize your ride.

Use the Livery Editor’s Duplicate / Flip tool to effectively apply decals to both sides of your car to your liking. This is useful if you want to save time and save yourself the hassle of manually designing the other side.

Upload your own logo and mark it using the in-game decal uploader feature **. See the Gran Turismo upload manual for more information.

* Internet connection and game progress required to access Livery Editor and Scapes features..
** Decal files must be in SVG format and have a size of 15kb or less.

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