Gwyneth Paltrow changes her Twitter profile picture to an NFT


Gwyneth Paltrow is the latest celebrity in the era of irreplaceable tokens.

The actress and the founder of Goop changed her Twitter profile picture to NFT on Thursday, upgrading to a new hexagonal profile picture away from the original circular one in the process.

Her profile picture is no longer a self-portrait, but a boring ape yacht club NFT.

In her profile picture, the ape wears a helmet and glasses along with a striped shirt. In a 9-second video she tweeted to “reveal” the NFT, the ape’s helmet was removed, revealing her blonde hair head.

The first time you click on a Twitter profile with an NFT profile picture, you’ll see a message from Twitter. In this message, NFT is a “digital item owned” and “proof of ownership is a blockchain, a publicly accessible digital database.”

The visible change is that the NFT profile picture is displayed in a special hexagon, Twitter says. “To select NFT as your profile picture, you need to connect a cryptocurrency wallet.”

The message concludes with “coming soon”, indicating that a broader deployment has not yet been introduced. The profile of the official Twitter account has been changed to NFT.

Twitter released an NFT profile picture on January 20th.

This feature is available to users of the company’s Twitter Blue subscription service on iOS and allows users to connect their Twitter account to a crypto wallet that stores NFT holdings. Tap the new hexagon image to see details about the art and its ownership.

Twitter Blue was launched in June 2021 as Twitter’s first attempt to launch a subscription service with additional content available to users.

Like other tech companies, Twitter is rushing to take advantage of crypto trends such as NFTs, a type of speculative asset that authenticates digital items such as images, videos, and land in virtual worlds.

Last year, the social media platform added the ability for users to send and receive Bitcoin.

According to data from market tracker Dapp Radar, NFT sales reached approximately $ 25 billion in 2021, but there were signs of slowing growth towards the end of the year.

– Additional report from Reuters

Updated: January 28, 2022 8:16 am


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