Handy Family Takes Us ‘Holmes for the Holidays’ With Home Decorating Competition

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Mike Holmes and his children Sherry and Michael Jr. took a break from helping homeowners burned by the workmanship of vulgar contractors. Homes Family Rescue For a little friendly competition. The three tested their construction and design skills Homes for the holidays..

At HGTV Special, they work with their spouses to create the best Christmas-decorated property and overall experience. Uncle Billy will finally decide the winner. The winner leaves with the important rights that the family can be proud of. We talked with the family about their festive showdown and how these events bring them closer.

Sherry, you had this idea of ​​competing for Christmas home decor in the second half of pregnancy.

Sherry Holmes: Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love holidays. Whether I’m pregnant or not, I’ll do everything I can. First of all, it’s competition and I want to win. Second, there is something very strange on holidays. I can’t do much physically. It can be difficult. I’m heavy I’m tired, but I also have toddlers. So Christmas makes a lot of sense and I want her to experience all the magic, just as I did when I was young. It was very rewarding, but it was very helpful. I had a great time.

Mike Holmes: It shows her competitiveness that she is competing during and at the end of pregnancy.

You are very accustomed to working on other people’s projects. How did you put the same energy into this challenge at home?

Michael Holmes Jr .: We were the only homes we did. We did what we liked and what was special to us. You really see through decorating it. We had a lot of fun doing it, sharing those experiences with each family and traveling each home. It was fun to have that competitive element. You can get a little deeper insight into who we are and what we like and see a slightly different side of the Holmes family.

Sherry: It was good to do something that wasn’t standard for us or at the construction site. Viewers can see what we are doing outside of construction. It was really fun to see my daughter running through the Christmas decorations and seeing everyone’s excitement.

Microphone: After all, Michael and Lisa Marie were beautiful. Sherry and Blake were beautiful. I thought it was beautiful. I haven’t dressed up my place at the age of 16 or 17 since I lived there. It was an excuse to actually do it. It’s over, so I want to do it every year.


Is this an annual tradition now?

Sherry: Maybe make it. I’d rather not be pregnant.

I think Michael and Sherry grew up and got a great Christmas gift from their dad. How did those gifts foster your love for continuing your family business?

Michael Jr .: That’s a good question. There was a year when my dad got us something for construction. A year that gives us something we can enjoy together. It was always about my family.

Sherry: I remember one year he bought me a wet saw. It was pretty cool.

Mike, did you get a memorable gift they made?

Microphone: My son made me a table for a year. Throughout their lives, I have always built something for them. Sherry can also make something. It’s great to be able to do these things with each other, rather than buying gloves, socks, or a bottle of alcohol for the celebration.

finished Homes Family Rescue You have the opportunity to do genuine good. Viewers are also learning a lot through the stories of these homeowners.

Michael: There are a lot of people [relate to] What are homeowners experiencing at our show? I’m sure my dad would be very rich if he had a dime every time someone said he had a bad experience with a contractor. Here’s how to get in and avoid bad contractors. How to hire a good contractor and what to look for for the best experience. Everyone needs a good contractor when you make a refurbishment. The truth is when you seek the cheapest, negotiate, and try to accomplish a lot with the cheap and for free. You don’t go to the doctor and say, “Can I take a break with this?” Can I get this cheaper? There are really good contractors. There is a reason to charge for what they charge, and we have to look at them for their value. That’s what we’re trying to introduce — a good contractor for our show.

Sherry: I want to emphasize that there are good contractors. Not all contractors will pick you up. We want to bring education, so we emphasize the bad. You can avoid these situations by doing your homework. There are wonderful people who really want to take care and do a good job. After all, contractors are also humans. Treat them properly, and we will treat you properly. It’s a huge investment. please take it easy. If you educate yourself about everything, it should work for you.

Microphone: Do it correctly for the first time. It could be the only and most expensive investment in your life. If you don’t do it right, it will cost you more to fix it. It’s really as easy as that. Properly.

Homes family


How do you think you got closer by working together?

Michael: We have learned the boundaries of each other. We are approaching at a personal and professional level. We have a lot of fun together. It’s closer than ever.

Sherry; Communication is so important that working together has definitely helped us as a family, but being honest and being open together really helps in the field. It has done amazing things for us both inside and outside the field. I enjoy working with my family.

Microphone: The best opportunity as a father to teach children in my career is to see them excel in their own direction. Sherry represented a woman in a skilled trade. Like men, we want to see more women in the skilled industry. Michael is the next generation of skill trading. I say it as a member of my father and family. What we do together is to be as professional as possible. Make encouragement to everyone there to show you that you have a choice. You can enter into a skilled deal. Looking at the skills of the world, it’s like the Holmes family. If you don’t know the skills of the world, check it out. It’s the Olympic Games of Trade. You should be on TV.

Homes for the holidays Special, December 18, HGTV

Homes Family Rescue, Saturday, 8 / 7c, HGTV

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