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Let’s face it: 2021 is strange and everyone feels COVID fatigue.

As the world reappears from a life-changing pandemic, we are refocusing on social injustice, economic inequality, corporate social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, and work issues at work. I’m watching. Employers have jobs in almost every profession.

It is the end of the year that we celebrate our achievements each year. So be proud of what you have overcome and know that today’s challenges will pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

“It’s the season to find a job

Many job seekers take a break from job hunting during the holidays. This year is a busy time and it can be difficult to balance all the responsibilities of the season by keeping your job hunting moving forward.

The current unemployment rate in Berkshire is 5.7% (November), and the state-wide database shows 2,848 jobs in the region. Don’t wait until the last minute to find a job or register for a training opportunity!

Employers hire new employees when they need them. The late holiday season for some companies means that hiring takes longer. There may also be less competition for available jobs as other job seekers take a break from job hunting.

Here are some tips to keep you skating. I have a job and my employer is hiring. Check out the MassHireBerkshireCareer Center, BerkshireJobs.com, BerkshireEagle.com, Monster, LinkedIn, Indeed, and CareerBuilder job listings regularly to see what’s happening.

Communication network. Join those virtual social and business gatherings and connect with the people who help you. Tell everyone you know you are looking for a job. Those who know your strengths may know the right position for you.

Don’t sit waiting for your dream job to appear. Go out and volunteer or do part-time, seasonal and / or temporary work. Employers value those who take the initiative and maintain a positive attitude, and temporary work is often permanent.

Please organize. Design a new resume, post it online, and systematize your job hunting. Do something related to your job hunting every day. The friendly staff at the MassHire Berkshire Career Center want to help you hone your job hunting skills.

conduct Stay positive and be patient. Please understand that getting a job takes time. But your cheerful attitude will help you succeed. Don’t let those negative voices in your head do your best!

Learn new skills. There are many certificates and training programs offered to help you get on your career path. Visit masshireberkshire.com to see what training is available. Today’s new educational and training opportunities could be tomorrow’s work.

You are not alone: ​​Mass Hire will help you

The holiday season usually celebrates religious festivals and provides time to think about the family and the future as the New Year begins. For those who are unemployed or worried about reducing company headcount, the season can be filled with great uncertainty.

For those who are suffering from unemployment, be aware that opportunities will be found this season. Visit MassHireBerkshireCC.com for virtual job search, career planning, job listings, job clubs, job search method workshops, labor market trends data, resources to help you find the right training opportunities, and effective Please support the tools that will help you do it. Looking for a job.

Have a happy and healthy holiday

Everyone benefits from suspicion. It’s a chaotic and stressful time, and we all carry heavy loads.

I express my gratitude. Remember to thank our colleagues, vendors, and customers for their support over the past year. Gratitude increases happiness and motivation.

Take a moment to remember all the good things you’ve achieved, won, experienced, and discovered in 2021. Celebrate your splendor and have a cheerful and bright New Year!

Heather Boulger is Executive Director of MassHire Berkshire Workforce Board in Pittsfield.


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