Here is how you can set up the trending metal art garden at your home

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People who live in apartments or homes in small plots often rely on vertical gardens to add a pleasing green hint to their home. However, maintaining a vertical garden is not without hassle. In this horticultural system, where the plants are densely packed in a small area, the plants can easily rot and dry. Metalart gardens, which are easy to install and require little maintenance, are gaining popularity these days.

The metal artwork on the walls is done using flexible iron rods and sheets. On the other hand, some selected plants add fascinating beauty to the walls and turn them into incredible works of art. Here, the beauty and perfection of metal art is just as important as maintaining the plant. This design system does not include too many plant pots. Therefore, maintenance is very easy.

The designer artwork garden can be installed on the exterior wall of the house, on the balcony wall, or sitting down. Such a quaint garden is a great option for homes that do not have enough space to elaborately place pots in the front yard. Placing the pot on a ring that is fixed to the wall is common here. However, incorporating plants and pots into elegant metal works of art is a modern and practical method. You must first have a beautiful design that fits your wall. When preparing a metal art design, the plant should also be part of it. This will give you a better understanding of the finished look. It can then be custom made with the help of a specialist who specializes in the manufacture of metal frames.

You can also grow plants in a metal frame and hang them on the wall, just as you would in a regular mural. Pots with plants can be heavy, so be sure to secure the frame to the wall. Besides, ready-made metal art frames are also available on the market.

When choosing plants, make sure they gel well with the design and ruggedness of the metal frame. You can take a quick look at the scrap shop to see if high quality frames are available at a lower price. You can clean and repaint the old frame before fixing the ring to hold the pot. The pot should also match the overall design and appearance of the artwork. Light shades of black pots and flowers and leaves are in perfect harmony with the black metal works of art.

The writer is a retired associate professor of botany at the University of Barrattamata in Srikkakara.


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