Here’s all the inspiration you need if you’re looking for home decor ideas


In the spring, there is something that can lead to home renovations and renovations. Changes are always good, but this doesn’t have to mean a stressful and expensive upgrade. You can make enough difference by making small adjustments here and there. Just add pillows to your living room sofa, add an interesting centerpiece to your table, or add a picture or mirror to your wall. You can bring your space to life by simply laying floor coverings here and there or adding a little bit of nature with new plants.

So if you need inspiration but don’t want to spend too much on professional help (design fees), there are several Instagram blogs / accounts that can serve as motivation and guidance.

Here are five design ideas I chose while scrolling through my Instagram feed:

Bring Mother Nature inside and add a sense of the season

Don’t forget to sprinkle plants and flowers around your space and water them. Incorporate everything the season offers. Add bright colors, plant green walls (vertical gardens), replace curtains with blinds and let in the sun.

Rattan is no longer just assigned to outdoor furniture

Rattan decoration has made a strong comeback and seems to be the hottest trend these days. Rattan is so versatile that it can be used in furniture, mirrors, chairs, lamps, planters, etc. Be careful not to overdo it and kill it. It’s better to have less.

Painted rattan furniture also looks incredibly chic if you don’t want to use traditional colors. Rattan fits everything, so it can also be integrated with existing furniture.

Decorate with Kilim rugs, cushions and framed wall art

Kilims are plain weave textiles, often with stripes and variations in a set of geometric motifs. Rustic colors and traditional motifs such as cushions, rugs, carpets and wall art have been added as striking decorative elements.

Kilim works well in both modern and traditional settings.

Flower wall

Wallpaper is a simple way to turn a blank wall into an Instagram-friendly background. It looks pretty, but it’s a great way to change rooms and get in the garden or spring.

There are many variations of floral wallpapers, from watercolors and pastel to loud graphic statements.

Add art in every possible way

From paintings to sculptures to small decorative elements, find art that tells your story and tells your style. After all, your home should reflect you!


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