Hola Mona: A Solana NFT collectible for NFT collectors, marrying the best of fine art with a cheeky commentary on the world’s obsession for great apes in profile pictures.


Singapore – February 14, 2022 – A group of highly acclaimed and talented artists have come together to comment on the latest trends in the Metaverse. It is digitally represented on social media as an ape. These artists will reveal their identities in May or when this first collection is sold out, whichever comes first.

Hola Mona is a collection of NFTs generated in 1,503 using original source material created by these award-winning and outstanding artists. These unique digital collections carry proof of ownership of the Solana blockchain.

Horamona is a roundabout world of NFTs, looking through the lens of a modern monkey, the portrait of Lisa del Giocondo, well known as the Mona Lisa, the most parody and most iconic portrait in art history.

Each Horamona is a unique combination of digital backgrounds created by these career artists in their usual style and is featured in galleries and auctions, along with masks, headgear, hair color, robe designs and makeup. Or, randomly generated body art from many possible traits, all created by excellent artists who are classically trained.

With so many NFT projects started using mass-produced source material from anonymous amateur artists recruited on sites like Fiverr, these (now anonymous) artists are in the NFT world. I’m calmly enjoying what it means to be the creator of art. This is in contrast to their living experience in the world of traditional art that spans different continents.

Hola Mona NFT is a fine art background (literally represented by the digital background of the style these artists demand, slowly evolving from art school training and decades of experience as an active artist), or in the foreground. Would you like to be more appreciated in portraiture? Mona (Spanish for “monkey”) with a variety of fun pop culture characteristics?

Find out for yourself and join the NFT conversation. https://twitter.com/HolaMonaNft..

The Hola Mona NFT public drop will occur on February 18, 2022 at 12:00 pm (UTC).

Mining and preview information is available at https://holamona.io/.

Download the image at https://bit.ly/3sl7LDK


Founded in 2004, INSTINC is an institution run by an artist based in Singapore. INSTINC’s vision is one of collaboration and connection, creating immersive, large-scale projects that transcend the genres of installation, new media, performance, painting and sculpture.

INSTINC will reopen in January 2022 as an art space centered on crypto art.Hold exhibitions, residency, workshops and talks

About Chapiens

Shapiens is a group of digital artists founded in 2021. Deeply rooted in the media and entertainment industry, Shapeens strives to empower and represent digital artists with the new story of web3.0. We develop state-of-the-art Solana-based casting technology to support artists who want to launch their own set of NFT collections in all genres.

Media contacts
contact person: SHIH YUN YEO
Email: I send the mail
Country: Singapore
Website: https://www.holamona.io/


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