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Most of us are trying to keep our heads on the water to survive the holidays, but Pantone is looking ahead, especially towards 2022, by announcing the colors of the year. The periwinkle-inspired shade called “Very Peri” is the first time the company has created a color from scratch rather than delving into a huge archive of options. “We now have a very new vision of the world, so it was really important to come up with new colors,” Reatris AIDSman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, told CNN. All blue shades. ”

Interior design experts couldn’t agree any further from coast to coast, and Very Peri (substantially all at once). absolutely Perfect for home interiors. “It’s bold, but it’s also calm. It’s a lively and quiet equivalent. It has bright energy, but it also feels good,” said Malka Helft, founder of Think Chic Interiors in White Plains, NY. Explains. “And I love that it’s very easy to add many designs of” oops “to the space. ”

Shaolin Low, founder of Honolulu-based Studio Shaolin, says it’s always good to bring more color to your home. “After a year of neutral gray, I think this is an amazing starting point and is moving us towards the eclectic style we’re starting to pop up,” she says. I think it’s a neutral pop color because it easily blends with the coastal style you often see in Hawaii. It exists, but it is not dominant. ”

Lance Thomas of Louisiana-based Thomas Guy Interiors agrees that color is actually a versatile flagship product that we all should have in our arsenal. “Very Peri is the perfect color choice for warming a room with cool tones while maintaining a family of similar colors,” says Thomas. “Table lamps and curtains are a great way to do that. Conversely, Peri can also be used to cool a room in warm tones.”

So how do we inject some very peri into our home? Well, there are only two ways to do that: make it bigger or smaller. If it gets bigger, consider covering the entire wall or the hue space. “We love using these colors in quiet spaces like beds and baths,” says Nina Grauer, principal and co-founder of Dekay and Tate Interiors, which has offices in Florida and Colorado. “It’s packed with punch, but it still feels relaxed and moody. It’s the perfect atmosphere for those areas. It’s probably best to use accented walls on the ceiling too!”

Zane Kearney, Senior Director of Arts and Design at Ruggable, advises: And it’s fun. ”

If it’s a little daunting, baby steps are a very peri tactic that’s better for you. “Bedding is a great place to start,” recommends Page Gray, partner and lead interior designer for British Columbia company Parker & Harlow. Gray also adds that the color can be infused through the paint on the front door, the stacked subway tiles in the bathroom, or the textured seaweed wallpaper behind the bedroom headboard.

Indeed, Pantone’s Color of the Year can be easily combined into any space thanks to decorations such as paints, rugs, cushions and blankets, artwork, vases, lamps and accent furniture such as armchairs and consoles. (With minimal investment). Hillary M, founder of Manhattan Beach, California-based HMS Interiors. Stamm said: Can be folded into any room. ”

Below is a very unique and very peri home decor cheat sheet with lots of pieces that you can quickly and easily add to your home.

Rug is a designer’s secret tool for fixing space and creating a clear area in a room. If you choose one that blends in with some of the berry peri, one stone will hit two birds. “This rug looks great in a dreamy whimsical bedroom with soft bedding and elegant accents,” recommends Leslie Murphy, creative director and owner of Murphy Mode Interiors in Memphis.

AmourLinen blue linen sheets set

Gray, a big fan of channeling Pantone’s Color of the Year through bedding, loves this set, especially because of its fabric. “I love when color represents the texture of the product. For Peri, my heart went straight to linen. Here, I focus on color by using soft and livable textiles for the bed. , You can make the fabric sing praise. ”

Elegant design fabric shaded periwinkle modern leather table lamp

A must-have peri item on the list of grauers? This gorgeous leather-textured lamp set is perfect for fixing bedside tables and living room consoles. Professional Tip: Grauer recommends replacing custom optional shades.

Top Plaza Natural Amethyst Geode Cave Healing Crystal

“We recommend using a small amount of Very Peri as a vibrant color in the room,” says Sarah Stacey of Sarah Stacey Interior Design in Austin, Texas. “For example, when you want to cover the entire room with color, you can use calm petrol on the walls, navy on the sofa, and add a hint of periwinkle to accent chairs and small accessories.” This wonderful geode full of. “Decorating with natural stone is always elegant and timeless,” Stacy advised, adding, “Put amethyst on the bookshelf for layered styling.”

Baccarat Papillon Lucky Butterfly Sculpture

“If you want to add a little peri, try throwing pillows, accent chairs, vases, and even flowers,” Grauer recommends. A good example: this stunning object darts in Baccarat. Glittering Crystal Butterfly (a shade of purple!) Is a gorgeous piece to add to your desk, coffee table or bookshelf.

Chase the paper and get the blues print

Oversized statement making art When Is it easy on your wallet? Yes, it exists — even in very peri shades. “I plan to eavesdrop on this piece and use it in my project,” says Low. “It’s feminine, playful, calm, and everything used to express Peri is packed into one work of art. It’s simple and bold, without being overwhelmed.”

Le Creuset mug

We all need more Le Creuset excuses in our lives. Fortunately, Stam found it for us. You can get a set of four at Amazon for just under $ 60.

KDC tiles and marble blue ceramic subway tiles ($ 14.69 per square foot, wayfair.com)

KDC tiles and marble blue ceramic subway tiles

“I love the bold powder room. It’s a great way to integrate Peri, rather than imitating the subtle luster and watery shades of shells with stacked subway tiles,” said Wayfair’s long and long. Gray says he loves narrow options.

Crane & Canopy Admiral Blue Fringe Slow Blanket ($ 130; cloneandcanopy.com)

Crane & Canopy Admiral Blue Fringe Slow Blanket

Almost all the designers we chatted with recommended investing in a very peri-colored slow blanket. This lovely option from Crane & Canopy, a luxury bedding and bath retailer, is one of our favorites.

Rugged Urbano lilac rug

“If you have a Ruggable, you already know that the rug cover is replaceable. You can replace your existing rug cover with a nice neutral tone rug that uses Very Peri as a pop color,” said the lilac. Kearney suggests, says. -And the rug of the gray geometric area.

Deconovo grommet blackout curtain

Over 47,000 Amazon reviewers agree that these blackout curtains are worth buying — especially at Very Peri. Perfect for nurseries and children’s bedrooms, curtains not only add pantones to the room, but also keep small children asleep by blocking natural light.

Gracie Oaks Periwinkle Weave Raffia 3D Embossed Wallpaper Roll

Zhuzh up the wall of accents in several colors When texture. “The natural fibers of seaweed give the peri color here a subtle tonal change, giving the walls a deeper presence,” Gray advises.

Everly Quinn Corouthers Velvet Geometric Pitch Pillow

“Throwing a pillow is an easy way to add a pop of Berry Peri to your house,” says Murphy. This 18 “x 18” velvet option serves our purpose in dark blue or purple colorways. “Add a drama to your black and white living room.”

ArtEquals Joy Original Painting Floral Still Life Art

Judy Pickett, founder of Raleigh, NC and the company of Design Lines Signature, aims to bring Very Peri to the client’s space. “We could see this color being used everywhere, from children’s rooms to sophisticated home bar lacquered cabinets to spectacular backsplash tile colors,” she advises. .. Find out why she loves Etsy’s 10 “x 14” artwork. This is a great way to add Peri pop to big and small rooms.

One King Slane Louisina Rug

Both Thomas and Helft, this beautiful area rug is a surefire way to add a subtle amount of Berry Peri to your space, whether it’s a living area or a small corner like a library, bathroom or mudroom. I agree that there is.

Pottery Barn Teen Watercolor Rainbow Ombre Comforter & Siamese (starting at $ 29.50; pbteen.com)

Pottery Barn Teen Watercolor Rainbow Ombre Comforter & Siamese

Several designers, including Stamm, have recommended bedding as an easy way to integrate Very Peri into your bedroom. “Pottery Barn Teen has a wonderful ombre watercolor duvet and siamese with a gorgeous and Pantone atmosphere. I use this to fix my teenage bedroom and build it around color,” she says.

Decoration Therapy Oversized Milon Cheetah Print Slow Pillow

Do you like prints? Fortunately, so is Low. “I’m always looking for a small animal print. This pillow is a calm animal style that’s perfect for throwing in the middle of a bed, daybed, or even a sofa,” she says.

Estelle Colored Glass Champagne Coupe, Set of 6

We are now fully on the trend of colored glassware. This cute champagne set from West Elm applies to all the right notes. Stacy said: “The champagne coupe is very fun to use. These purple glasses add a pop color and look great in all transparent barwear.”

Jarca Vintage Turkish Rug

Brighten your space with this unique beauty of revival, a direct-to-consumer vintage rug retailer. With a 4’11 x 8’5 clock-in, the plain weave rugs are made of 100% hemp and feature a minimalist design that expresses the periwinkle shades of thread.


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