Home interior decor tips: Creative ways to decorate your walls differently

Home interior decor tips: Creative ways to decorate your walls differently

Imagine any room in your house; maybe you think about every corner and space except the walls and even though we spend so much time worrying about what’s in between – fussing over materials, furniture and accessories, we forget how powerful walls can be. Blank walls offer tremendous possibilities and a few additions can transform a home into a home with stylish focal points. In fact, the importance of wall art has grown significantly recently.

Interior designers emphasize the use of wall art to improve the appearance of the house because it is one of the best home decor items. With different tricks, one can strengthen their walls, reflecting their personality and taste, regardless of their style.

There are a lot of empty spaces and boring walls, especially in new homes and although most people choose to liven up their homes with printed wallpapers and brightly colored decor, nothing beats the utility and charm of designer wall clocks made of metal or gemstones. It adds a vintage feel to your home and works well with both traditional and contemporary interior designs.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Pankhuri Gandotra, founder and CEO of Writings on the Wall, shared, “While many of us check the time on our smartphones today, a wall clock is still a popular choice for interior designers. and home style enthusiasts Large wall clocks are standard choices not only for their functionality of, well, telling time, but also because they come in a variety of shapes and styles, making them the perfect opportunity to add a bit of artistic flair wise. So, opting for a watch, whether vintage and ornate or modern and sleek, transforms the functional object into a work of art – it’s the beautiful design that will draw your attention, not the time. A beautiful watch can hold its own in a variety of settings, blending in with other decorative pieces on a fireplace or standing alone above any furniture.”

Another way to increase the artistic edge of a blank wall is through unique and attractive wall hangings. They are perfect for bringing life to your home’s walls and from wooden, macrame and metal wall hangings there are diverse options to suit one’s varied tastes. She further adds, “Wall hangings are honest works of art that add freshness and incredible color to a room. They create a sense of calm and tranquility in the spaces they inhabit. The artwork you hang on the wall can be a become a delightful topic of conversation between you and your guests in your home. These lovely living room decor items are pieces of art that can make a big impression on guests and have a positive impact on people who visit your home.”

Pankhuri Gandotra revealed that large wall hangings with abstract art forms are particularly stylish and sought after by interior designers, saying: “Alternatively, smaller wall hangings, which can be hung at different heights so that the full effect is visually interesting, are also a common choice . The smaller ones can all be used together in an arrangement or spread throughout your home, depending on the piece. Wall clocks and wall hangings can make a design statement in any room, from the kitchen to the home office. These functional and beautiful pieces say something definitely about your personality – you are an appreciator and an art lover.”

According to Suresh Kumar Mansukhani, Country Manager – Indian Sub-Continent at Junckers, “Wooden wall covering is as important as the ceiling and the floor of any room. The wooden wall covering adds decor and aesthetics to the entire design and beauty of any room. As a wooden floor installed, we must have a contrasting wood paneling on the walls.. It not only increases the aesthetic value of the room and keeps the room warm in winters and cool in summers, thus saving a lot of energy and low electrical costs.”

Abhinayah Sundaramoorthy, co-founder of The Yellow Dwelling, brought his expertise to the same: “Macrame has a charming vintage appeal to it. Each piece gives your home an incomparable touch of coziness and neutral textures to your walls with its cream macrame twine, string or ropes woven into plant hangers, unique wall art and bookshelves. You can even opt for a colored macrame item for a pop of color in your space. The best part about macrame is its versatility in your home. Be your home a boho retreat or ethnic storm or a mid-century modern classic, there’s a macrame piece for you to add to your wall no matter what the aesthetic.

Ali Akmal Jan, partner at Carpet Kingdom advised: “Whether you’re a conformist or someone who likes to blow things up, try to fill your vertical space with texture, color and warmth. Rugs are the perfect tri -in-one design solution for any blank wall that needs a facelift, it is not only the appropriate decor element that one can hang on their walls to give it a vintage, artsy or bohemian look, but something that has the potential to change the entire atmosphere of a room. The look can vary depending on the color, fabric and style chosen, but it’s sure to be a conversation starter!”



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