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FOr, in many cases, this Christmas requires special consideration. Careful socializing, shield elements, and outdoor encounters for a lively winter walk are still very important to Covid-conscious people. From intimate drink receptions with friends to minutes of big days with big families, I know I’m not the only one to realize the shortage of a particular family. No matter how quickly chocolate and champagne are available in any part of the holiday season, there’s nothing better than the thrill of spending time with a loved one, but as always, there’s some meaning to the house to cast magic. You can add updates. Festive moments, regardless of the outcome.

Celebrity and royal party planner Johnny Rocksburg says the first consideration for creating a memorable Christmas moment must be glassware. The self-proclaimed “Party Architect,” who has planned more than 9,000 parties, has partnered with household goods company Habitat to stylishly guide customers during the festival, whether or not they have a party. “Google is skyrocketing the search for home cocktails at this time of the year,” he says. “To get the most out of your homemade formula, make sure your drink is served in the correct glassware. This means a highball glass for a martini and a long drink in a martini glass. He pays attention to these strict and swift rules, with one exception that sparkling wine and champagne can be served not only in flutes but also in coupe. And with the resurgence of colored glass and alternative shapes from companies such as LSA International, Summerhill & Bishop, and Campbell Rey X Laguna B, you can add your own twist to your family’s favorites. For Roxburgh, the Christmas morning taste is a breakfast martini made with gin, Cointreau, lemon juice and thick-sliced ​​marmalade.

Aurora and Pearl Collection, LSA International

(Emma Hedges)

To spend a Christmas night at home with your family, you need cozy, flattering lighting to bring festive warmth to the interior. Instead of using one central light source, you can stack floor and table lamps to create warm pockets that control the atmosphere and create more interesting and thoughtful lighting schemes. Interior designer Matthew Williamson believes that setting the mood of a festive soiree depends entirely on the lighting of your choice. “Forget to use one major light source to illuminate several lamps around the room,” he says. “This gives us the flexibility to adapt to what we illuminate. For example, the reading corner benefits from the elegant swan neck wall lights, while the work of art has two table lamps on the credenza or sideboard. Looks great on the wall between. ”A recent collaboration between the designer and lighting company Pooky provides industry-leading ultra-stylish table lamps and enhances any lighting scheme. Phileas lamps are rechargeable and completely wireless. This means you don’t have to find the nearest plug socket to easily illuminate your Christmas table, kitchen island, or even your patio.

Phileas cordless lamp

(Pooky x Matthew Williamson)

Rocker Collection, LSA International

(Emma Hedges)

Finally, the absolute surest step to creating a fun festive moment at home is fragrant. “I’m always thinking about the overall aesthetics and mood I want to create,” says Michelle Finney, founder of the fragrance company Floral Street. For Michelle, it’s a sensory choice that proves to enhance your surroundings, complementing your visual efforts with a clean yet seasonal candle or diffuser. “Smell is the most powerful trigger of memory and enhances the moment,” she says. “So think about how you feel like making yourself at home. To me, when I get home, I feel like a lot of flowers have bloomed, so I light a candle in the hallway and a diffuser to match it. Will be installed. “

The most exciting festive scents are fir and eucalyptus, sweet orange and clove buds, or a combination of vanilla and cinnamon. Marine + Getz, a skin care and fragrance company, has a decadent aroma candle called “Dark Lamb” with notes of rum, anise and vanilla. Dyptique’s holiday collection brings the scent of biscuits and mimosas to the festive palette. As a more economical approach, MUJI, a household goods company, offers a variety of scented candles with a cozy and minimalist approach associated with the store. The tin candles in that “fireplace” have built up something like an enthusiastic supporter. The fans claim that it makes their home feel like a plateau hut. I would have what they have …

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