Honolulu soldier, photographer wins top honors

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Honolulu (KHON2) — Mililani’s U.S. Space Force Sergeant Angelina “El” Melendez, owner of Elrose Gold Photography, Bishop Street’s studio smiles behind the camera, capturing the true essence of the women around her. I have something.

Melendez was recently virtually recognized by Go Boutique Live on February 15th and won the highest award at The Julie Awards. The “Julie” award was awarded by Joy of Marketing, an internationally recognized organization for boutique portrait photographers.

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“I was very shocked to be honored among other great photographers this year. I just started the studio last year and definitely put everything I had there,” Melendez said. Told.

Initially, Melendez wasn’t sure if he would succeed in the photography industry, but with the guidance of a mentor and the support of his family, he seized the opportunity.

“I didn’t think I could turn this passion into something useful at first, so I experienced a lot of fear and uncertainty. So far, I’m really humble,” Melendez said. ..

Melendez said she started her photography journey a year ago, inspired by the book Worth Every Penny by Sarah Petty.

Elrose Gold Photo courtesy. The expressed views and the use of uniformed photographs do not imply endorsement by the Air Force Department.

According to Melendez, the idea of ​​filming a woman in uniform came from her own 16 years of experience.

“When I returned to my teens, I thought it would be difficult to comply with so many regulations written primarily by men,” Melendez said. “I think my har and nails were most soaked in hot water in my early days. I always had a copy of the miniature ruler and rules as a challenge.”

Melendez said she was lacking in work and tried to grab a little thing that made her feel feminine. It’s a space where men are very dominant.

“As uniforms become your identity, we have to curb a lot of things that make us unique and beautiful every day. Until last year, various changes were made and some of our femininity is back. I am grateful for that, “says Melendez.

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Sarapeti, the founder of the Julie Awards and the New York Times best-selling author, said Angelina is one of the few elite protrate photographers awarded worldwide.

“She set the standard for providing the highest level of boutique experience for photography clients,” Petty said. “This award is a testament to the dedication and investment needed to acquire the skills, creativity and services needed to provide a unique wall portrait experience.”

Melendez said her favorite part about the experience of filming a woman in uniform is when the woman looks at herself through her lens.

“My creative style is to portray clients as museum-worthy artwork, because they aren’t happy with selling regular photos. Some of my clients are uniforms and general. This is also a truly transformative experience, as some people have never done a good make-up, “says Melendez. “You can see them admiring themselves in the mirrors in the studio and in portraits at the Liber session. This is the greatest feeling for photographers.”

According to Melendez, her studio “creates beautiful images that help everyday women feel confident and blessed. Her mission is to use the art of photography to help women live. And to be able to be the best version of myself in every aspect of life. “

For more information on Elle Rosegold Photography, please visit www.ellerosegold.com.

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