Hoping Club announces that it will cooperate with Metaverse for NFT trading platform development

Hoping Club announces that it will cooperate with Metaverse for NFT trading platform development

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San Francisco, Calif., June 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-The Hoping Club recently announced that it will work with REVA to create a new NFT trading platform. This platform, combined with the underlying technology of web3, integrates short video mode into the NFT trading platform for the first time. In the trading mode of the platform, you can upload a video showing the NFT background creation process. In addition, the platform’s education section will be exposed to users in a short video for the first time.

Web3 products that combine short videos with NFT trading platforms will also promote NFT to the world. During this event, the Hoping Club had a deep communication with REVA.

Earlier, it was reported that Hoping Club was planning to acquire a crypto digital company to speed up and expand its plans for cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Recently, some investors have noticed that Hoping Clubs frequently communicate with REVA, and Hoping Clubs also follow REVA on Twitter. Some sources speculated that the goal of the Hoping Club could be Metaverse’s REVA. Neither party has given a clear answer to external rumors.

The Metaverse company REVA was founded in 2019. In 2021, REVA was considered one of the industry’s most potential emerging cryptocurrencies. REVA maintains an independent brand and develops and builds a specific digital art collection trading platform REVA. UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD. Platform for NFT market business. Just last month, the REVA platform announced the launch of NFT’s pledge management auction business, making it the first company to enter the NFT fixed income market.

In recent years, Hoping Club has accelerated layout in the Asia Pacific region and actively tried to invest in the crypto digital space. Earlier this year, a team of Asian blockchain financial experts Samuel Luo joined Black Gold, the Hoping Club’s Asset Services Guild, to become President of the Asia Pacific Institution. In the investment community. Recently, Hoping Club also revealed that it will invest in start-ups in the field of digital cryptography. The company is located in Singapore and negotiations are proceeding smoothly. Rumors that the Hoping Club would buy REVA were also flat.

According to members of the Hoping Club, the Hoping Club had previously launched an NFT pawn mortgage business within the association, provided loans to members and received good feedback within the guild. This business is similar to REVA’s recently launched NFT pledged storage auction business. The difference is that REVA has an independently operated NFT trading platform, an independent blockchain technology team, and a more complete service model.

As you know, the NFT market has developed rapidly in the last two years, and the technology in the blockchain field is becoming more and more mature. However, it is still difficult to hide the problems of low liquidity, volatile valuations, and the difficulty of realizing digital assets in the NFT market. The roadmap released by REVA shows that the NFT pledge storage auction business launched by the REVA platform aims to solve these problems in the NFT market. To this end, the REVA platform has established a broad pool of fluidity, digital art appreciation experts, blockchain technology experts, NFT technology experts, financial analysis experts, and the world’s leading financial firm in Viking. We have established a reliable evaluation team consisting of artists and other professionals. In many areas. Customers can get loans faster by pledged and trusted NFT collections through the platform and evaluating them by REVA. If you want to auction your NFT collection, REVA also provides protection. In the future, the REVA platform will also open up NFT casting and delivery capabilities, establishing a decentralized Metaverse platform.

Hoping clubs have been admired for their accurate alternative investments for many years. The investment creed is that professionalism determines the rate of return. Before entering a new industry or discipline, the Hoping Club’s Data Analysis Center does a lot of basic research.

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