Hot Doges and Bitcoinana Splits on offer at Florida crypto restaurant

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Florida’s new crypto-themed restaurant is a cocktail of sling hot dogs and shrimp inspired by Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Dogedogs are highly regarded by customers.

The Clearwater Beach-based venue, called the Crypto Street Restaurant, will be open to the public earlier this month with a menu full of popular crypto assets and names that agree with the terminology.

The menu includes dishes such as Dogedog, Crypto Cuban, DeFi Caesar Salad, SHIBA Shrimp Cocktail, Bitcoinana Split, and the restaurant decorations include cryptocurrency-themed posters, wall art, Doge, and Satoshi furniture. It is decorated. Nakamoto, Eron Musk, Assorted Bitcoin Memes.

Crypto Street Restaurant, Source:

According to restaurant owner Ricardo Valrhona, Crypto Street accepts payments on all digital assets, including Memecoin and so-called “sitcoins,” and so far Dogedog is “quite popular.”

In a December 29 interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Valrhona said his 24-year-old son first introduced him to cryptocurrencies a few years ago, but wasn’t a fan of the sector at the time. But over time, he warmed up to the concept of crypto assets and initially considered launching a restaurant franchise that would accept crypto payments.

After the pandemic blow and various cost and supply chain issues became apparent, Varona said he changed his plans to launch a single crypto-themed venue rather than just a chain that accepts crypto. ..

“I kept thinking about something different, something fresh, and thinking about cryptography … I calculated to do something new, cut off the franchise, and went to Crypto Street. I started working on it. ”

“So far, the young crowd loves it and comes back. Someone with older people talking about my interests and similar stories that my sons and grandchildren taught me something. So it creates a pretty cool conversation, “he added.

According to Valrhona, restaurants can accept cryptocurrency payments directly into the wallet via a merchant account or peer-to-peer.

“So far, there have been some transactions in cryptocurrencies, but many are interested in using them. Some have just sold them and others want to have them in the long run. But many people understand that using it adds value, “he said.

5 stars for food and ideas?

In its short history, Crypto Street Restaurant has been favorably reviewed online, with 3 5-star reviews on Yelp and 8 5-star reviews from Google. ..

“It’s a very cool place! Great decorations, great menu options, and very friendly staff. The owners are better than anything else, willing to offer tours of themed restaurants and explain how the crypto payment system works. “Masu,” said a review of the elite Yelper “Eduardo F.”

This isn’t the first time a beloved Dogecoin has partnered with a hot dog after American meat maker Oscar Mayer auctioned a pack of “hot dog weeners” via eBay in August.

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