Hotel group turns its walls into gallery for local artists


Sadie Clayton is well known for its copper artwork. She aims to harness the natural healing powers of copper to revitalize individuals, communities and the environment in pieces. Sadie explores the cultural diversity of her work, hoping to bring together her like-minded souls to create a sense of community and shared creativity.

Local hotel group BlackBrick Collaborates with artists to turn walls into galleries, exposing their work to the entire luxurious property.

In a statement to the press, the group said it was inspired by its team to partner with a local furniture maker to place the art in the center of the decoration.

“Murals and art dominate BlackBrick’s culture. These artistic elements capture a part of society and add meaning to public places,” said Boipelo Molwela, BlackBrick’s program curator. ..

“These works of art are essential to the uplifting of the neighborhood, so we decided to take that approach into the room. Art gives the space a unique identity and begins a conversation with guests. I will make it possible. “

Boypero added: “Each artist brings a unique perspective to our room and opens a dialogue about the South African experience and their position in the world. BlackBrick is a unique art to create a sense of community among guests. Not only is it included, but it also proudly provides a platform to enhance young South African artists. “

BlackBrick’s two Sandton properties showcase the work of Fhatuwani Mukheli, Sarah Grace, GrayRoom, and Sadie Clayton (main image).

Fhatuwani Mukheli

Fhatuwani Mukheli’s work focuses on changing people’s views and perceptions of the humble beginnings. He has been inspired since childhood in town, and many of his colorful works focus on the concept of safe space, often with images of children in the arms of his parents. Is drawn. (Photo: Included)

Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace takes advantage of her love for nature and the beauty of the African Continent. Her work features non-traditional painting methods such as pouring, rubbing, and sliding paint on canvas to mimic the pool of stains and colors that reflect the shadows and textures found in natural space. is.

Gray Room by Jonette Schoeman aims to use textiles

Gray Room by Jonette Schoeman aims to use textiles to tell an inspiring story through textures and patterns. Her hand-woven artwork features rustic, subdued tones and textures, balancing a sophisticated modern design with a connection to nature.

At the Bedford View facility, artists Nalady Modupi and Jay Carson are on display.

Naledi Modupi is a multidimensional visual artist

Naledi Modupi is a multidimensional visual artist who seamlessly moves between the realm of digital art and traditional art media. Her work is inspired by the beauty of her blackness, and she aims to inspire her confidence in those who see herself in her work.

Jay Carson's artwork emphasizes connection bets

Jay Carson’s artwork emphasizes the connection between purpose, meaning and nature. Jay uses his art to explore his identity and position in the world, making others aware that they are part of something bigger than themselves. In essence, he aims to convey a sense of hope to those who see it.

These three artists are on display at BlackBrick’s Cape Town facility: Farai Samurai, Ian Albertyn, Christopher MacClements:

Samurai Farai

The art of Samurai Farai (real name Farai Engelbrecht) is rooted in Cubism, but it goes beyond psychological portraiture. He aims to explore the emotions of the viewer and is deeply interested in the intersection of mental health, body and morality. His characters are friendly and reflect the viewer and broader social experience.

Ian Albertyn uses wooden blocks to create art.

Ian Albertyn uses wooden blocks to create art. Each small black and wide block represents finding your place in human life and in the world. He uses contrasting colors to explore the battle between good and evil and the idea that each of us forms part of a larger painting.

Christopher McClement

Christopher McClement’s work as a former architect features many lines and perspectives of his previous trade. But since then he has turned his creativity towards murals and graffiti art. He aims to explore the inner workings of the mind through a detour process of design and collaboration.

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