Houston home makeover shows, no-demo renovations can have a big impact

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Elizabeth Johnson is a housewife who has turned into a certified accountant, and her husband, Chad, is an engineer. Right-brained people who know what they know, and more importantly, they know what they don’t know.

When they returned to the Houston area six years ago, they wanted to go to The Woodlands and found a home that suits their family. They knew that their homes weren’t always stylish and fully functional, but they didn’t know how to change it.

I was excited to see the items auctioned at the charity event. This is a consultation with Caron Woolsey, an interior designer of Caron Woolsey Interiors.

Their quick consultation has become a bigger task as Woolsey helped the couple renew most of the ground floor of the house and help with new furniture and accessories.

Home remodelers and interior designers are busy throughout the pandemic, and this trend is expected to remain strong throughout the New Year. Everyone seems to want things to be brighter, brighter and more comfortable.

“We started small, thinking we were going to replace the carpet in the master bedroom with the carpet in the formal dining room,” Elizabeth said. “It was in the early days of COVID and we all started talking about adding kitchens and bars, wooden floors.”

The project was a pandemic front end, so it took only six weeks to complete, but still had quick access to furniture and materials.

Elizabeth, 48, and Chad, 48, agreed to leave some of the furniture intact, but other changes such as paint, hardware, lighting, furniture, and accessories could have a significant impact, even in small quantities. May be given.

Their style is underpinned by the development of a small town from Elk Mountain, Wyoming, who is from a small town north of Kansas City. Their goal was a simpler and more delicate farmer’s style.

The couple, who got married for 16 years, met when they graduated from college a few years ago and lived in Houston. After that, they lived in a series of other cities and returned with their three daughters six years ago. Emma is now 14 years old. Claire, 10; and Molly, 8.

They painted everything, including walls and cabinets, and changed the entire floor. Carpet and ceramic tile floors have been removed and replaced with wooden floors and floor coverings.

Rag was a lesson for Chad. Chad wondered why he should spend money on beautiful wooden floors — and cover them with rugs.

“Removed the carpet, put the trees down, and laid the floor covering seemed like a crazy concept to me,” Chad admitted with a laugh. “I lost the battle.”

Now he appreciates their shape and function. It not only adds color and texture to the room, but also helps define the living space, making the home much more comfortable for barefoot walkers.

In front of Johnson’s house was a foyer with a typical oak railing. Given the couple’s budget and the scope of future work, Woolsey urged them to apply it — a white baluster and a black balustrade — a much cheaper alternative to refinishing.

The shag carpet on the stairs has been replaced by a carpet with a neutral herringbone pattern. Lantern-style chandeliers and matt black sconces complete the space.

The antique dresser that was already there was adorned with blue and white ginger jars, small lamps, and plants. “Every space needs a chinoiserie, even if it’s just one piece and small,” Woolsey said of the finishing touches.

The study in front of the house was dark and boring, with stained wood built-in cabinets, brown walls, wood-grain blinds, and 12-inch builder-grade floor tiles.

The new flooring of the house has been extended to this study, its built-in cabinets are painted white and beautifully styled with important things rather than being filled with everything.

Once again, they got a floor covering to fill most of the room, and old leather chairs and ottomans also live here.

A rustic antique brass lamp appears to hang from the center of the room, which has been the subject of much controversy.

Originally, the room had a ceiling fan, equipment commonly preferred by men, and something interior designers were generally trying to replace. It may be great for creating a breeze on the balcony or in an outdoor pavilion, but it can be annoying indoors.

Chad wanted to keep his fans, so Woolsey’s job was to change his mind.

“Elizabeth really wanted a luminaire for her research, but Chad didn’t see any reason for it. I said,” What if I could find the simplest light ever? ” Told. And he said he would consider it, “Woolsey said. “I had to make him a decision partner … instead of saying this is what you have to do and that’s why.”

She finally found a more rustic with an aged finish, and he agreed.

“He loved it because it was rough and showed craftsmanship,” Woolsey said, to longevity chairs and ottomans such as Chad’s hunting-era animal skulls and the Coronet he played. In addition, I pointed out that it works well with souvenirs at junior high school.

The kitchen update looks better with new paint and hardware for the cabinets, new sinks, lights on the islands and sinks, and more. The surrounding cabinets are white, but I chose the restoration hardware Light Silver Sage (light blue-gray) for the island. They replaced the brown stone counter with white quartz and the island butcher’s block top.

For projects full of “preservation” and “splash”, wooden counters were the main “preservation”. It didn’t cost much, so the couple knew that if they got tired of it quickly or didn’t like how to hold it, they could easily replace it later.

I could see the laundry room from the kitchen, and the builder-grade tiled floor and the orange-brown counter were annoying. Now it has much more attractive tan gray printed floor tiles and counters similar to those in the kitchen.

Minor changes made the primary bedroom more livable, replaced the overused sofa with a small bench made of wood and sisal, and added decorative pillows, art and plants.

Chad hated removing the sofa as it came home as a trading sweet when the sofa and some other furniture were negotiating prices. Getting rid of them felt like a crazy move — losing something he worked hard to get.

Woolsey felt that the spacious rooms were very bright, but the sofas ate up so many rooms that they had never been used before, so I couldn’t appreciate any of them.

Some new things in the dining room have refreshed the space that everyone who comes to the front door sees. They already had ceramic cabinets and white tables, so Woolsey brought in new chairs and lamps that mixed black and white with natural fibers, as he did in the kitchen.

The upholstered hostess chair pair is paired with four black-painted wooden chairs and two chairs that combine a black metal frame with wooden seats. The chandelier has a black mat cage with natural fibers wrapped around the stem.

Johnsons first admitted that if you had to choose your own chair, all eight would match exactly.

However, Woolsey wanted to achieve their preferred farmer look, offered in more delicate ways, such as touching a casual mix of black and white and natural fibers.

In the formal living room, Johnsons had their favorite sofa, so Woolsey finished the room with everything else, including mirrors, lamps and sconces, floor coverings, tables and accessories.

In her first presentation to a couple of Woolsey, she proposed a major change to a boring box with a powder bathroom, brown walls and ugly lights.

Knowing that the couple was a little afraid of color, she suggested adding a white panel at the bottom of the wall and placing Tibaud’s vibrant Honshu wallpaper (Robin’s Egg Colorway) on top of it. .. A new pedestal sink with farmhouse-style faucets, pretty mirrors, and two globe lights turn your room into a small jewelry box.

When Woolsey first mentioned the wallpaper to Johnsons, they had the expression “headlight deer,” she said. She assured them that it wasn’t an old-fashioned wallpaper, and that its colors and patterns were offset by the panel.

“We’re pretty weird. I’m an engineer and she’s an accountant, but we love our house right now,” Chad said. “We can run the kids and dogs around so they don’t feel like they’re trying to ruin it. Walking around the house, I think this is ours Is great. “

Their daughters also like the change and are urging their parents to start updating the second floor where their bedroom is located. Claire’s 11th birthday is approaching and she is already looking for new paint colors and bedding.

“I enjoy sitting at home now,” Elizabeth said. “It’s so pretty and I love it — instead of sitting there, I think I should change it.”

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