How an NFT collectible is changing the investment landscape for 1/1 artists


“Many people know of a PFP project that is drawing attention because of the traction that can be built around marketing by the community and 10,000 owners,” she said.

“This is where the stories of many artists drown, but we use the community to fund their work, and they build new collectorships and art collections for them. By doing so, we want to help bring value to Mo holders. “

Crypto Moss is a gradual release of 10,000 generatively generated NFTs. The first 4,000 Moss will be launched to fund 14 global artists who create art exclusively for Mo holders. Early supporters of the Crypto Art Association will be presented with a limited edition of NFT art by these internationally acclaimed artists.

“Our team has carefully selected a list of international artists who believe that their value will increase over time. They come from all over the world and show a great deal of dedication and dedication to their crafts. “We do,” said Kroon.

This group includes self-taught 3D artist Alli Hahmmed. Nigeria, JaybirdAboriginal artist, award-winning photographer who explores the connection between national and foreign traditional art and digital art together Margaret Ngiji from Kenya Look at female identity and marriage from the perspective of black women.

Clune said that many great projects like the World of Women already support artists by creating derivative art for their owners, but the Crypto Mo project gives each artist 6 ETH. We take it one step further by creating 10 artworks in our own style. Through the residency. All artists can also create works within the community and gain a deeper understanding of the artistic process.

“These are all artists we consider highly sought after, some already, and an opportunity to own their work with a small investment of 0.05 ETH,” she said. rice field.

“We are building a community where artists and collectors will benefit in the same way,” she said.

Nine artists will be announced, and after recruiting open applications, five will be added to the lineup. The lineup of artists so far is as follows.

  • Apocalypse art. For 30 years, American painters have fused tradition with digital art and have already been collected by serious collectors of the universe.
  • Amanda Tido Strand.. A Swedish digital collage artist who creates a surreal world and alternative reality.
  • Conwells Club. A popular digital abstract Australian artist who created art for the Penthouse and others.
  • Cat Herrera. Dominica Republican artists create works inspired by vibrant Afrofuturism in both animated and digital styles.
  • Jaybird.. An indigenous Australian artist who blends traditional and digital art to tell a “national” story.
  • Rocektgirl-Scottish abstract artist who makes waves with his unique bold abstract punk style.
  • Philippomugunai -Italian AI artist known for his brush style and whimsical work.
  • Margaret Ngiji -Fine art Kenyan photographer exploring themes such as mental health, identity and femininity.
  • AlliHahmmed-Nigeria 3D artists create amazing, futuristic, sci-fi-inspired work.

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You can mint Mo at a pre-sale price for a limited time and collect these artists here.

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Source Cryptographic Art Appreciation Association



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