How an Oscars photographer captured the moment Will Smith slapped Chris Rock

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Reuters’ photojournalist is one of the photographers who captured the moment on Sunday, and his photographs (capturing Smith’s slap rock at the moment of contact) are quickly ubiquitous and quickly become viral. ..

“Immediately after that, my reaction was’just happened’,” Snyder told CNN Business on Monday. “At first, other photographers and I didn’t know if it was a planned part of the show or something else. When Will Smith returned to his seat and back on stage, it was one of the scripts. I thought it wasn’t a club. I started looking for reactions through my camera. “

Snyder was in a pool of photographers from various media outlets covering the show from the projection booth behind the Dolby Theater. He had two long lenses (200-400mm and 600mm) and said Reuters’ responsibility was to cover the show — the stage and the audience.

“It’s a reaction-you react to see something happening,” he said. “I take the picture after focusing on the frame. There are a lot of technical settings for juggling because the theater photography, the stage exposure, and the audience were so different.”

Rock joked about Pinkett Smith’s shaved head, “Jada, I love you.’GI Jane 2’can’t wait to see it,” while awarding the Best Documentary Award on Sunday night’s broadcast. Said.

Pinkett Smith, who is open about fighting alopecia, an autoimmune disease that leads to hair loss, rolled his eyes when he sat next to him after joking. But Smith approached Rock on stage, hit him across his face, and then shouted twice, “Don’t put my wife’s name out of your mouth!”
Smith apologized to Rock and the Academy on Monday night after the quarrel.
Snyder’s photos have appeared in news articles and social media, I even became a meme..

“There’s nothing comparable to this in my Oscar experience,” said Snyder, who had previously covered Oscar but not the show itself.

The crazy part is that Snyder himself has his photographs, or their cultural influences. rear The show is over.

“All my photos were sent to the editor as soon as they were created,” Snyder explained, because his camera is connected to the network.

“Of course, this happened during the show, so there was a lot of work to do right after,” he said. “At the booth, I didn’t really know the moment or the extent of the influence of my photographs.”


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