How Artist Emily Kalina’s Chronic Condition Led Her to Create a Viable Business with a Far Greater Reach

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When artist Emily Carina began painting on her iPad 13 years ago, her original intention was to explore and enjoy this new and fascinating medium. After all, if she wanted to continue making art for her chronic condition, she was forced to move to another instrument, so her experiments turned out to be beneficial.

Trained in classical art using traditional media at the renowned Rhode Island Design School, Karina never thought of using a computer to create artwork. For the first 14 years of her career, she painted using only her watercolors and sold them to individual collectors and clients, often through gallery representations. Her extensive experience and expertise in the media paved the way for her career as a teacher at various private institutions.

The final transition from classic artwork using Karina’s traditional medium to painting for digital art and product design is her chronic condition and soon the production and sale of traditional art. It was caused by two factors: the perception that it would be out of date.

Kalina realized that it was only a matter of time before the industry moved from physical stores to digital, and that in order to continue as a working artist, it was necessary to think outside the box. At the same time, Karina faced the challenge of finding a new way to continue making art as the effects of epilepsy, a chronic disease, are becoming more serious. Because one of the main features of seizure disorders is its unpredictability, the iPad has proven to be the perfect medium as it has evolved into an easy-to-carry, portable studio equivalent. .. Today, through the iPad, she can come up with classic pieces with a modern and contemporary touch.

Her deep appreciation and passion for beaches, boats, lighthouses, nature, and her growing knowledge of apps and technology encouraged people to create the same products as wall art and incorporate them into product design prints. .. Over time, her work began to be used in scarves, tote bags, mugs and shirts through partnerships with various companies.

To build a viable business, Karina needs to sell and incorporate art in this way. Apart from the profit potential, it is also practical to create art digitally. Since all works are digital, Kalina can easily integrate and customize all artwork into any product.

Karina’s work can be easily identified by making her unique mark using an Apple Pencil that responds to pressure like a pencil or brush. Since her first love is watercolors, she designed digital brushes to mimic a hybrid of watercolor brushes and professional markers. This allows her to create paintings using shadows and layers, making the audience feel not only looking at the 2D painting, but also stepping into a lively 3D space. I can.

As technology has evolved dramatically, so has Kalina’s process and the ability to create with greater flexibility.

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