how beauty arose from tragedy

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During the pandemic, the rest of us joined him, and already, period surveys show that many experienced a strange slowdown in time /

This was encouraging for some, but for many it should not be underestimated that it was isolated and depressing. Still, some of that slow-mo essence emerges in the botting photos. He also has the joy of finding new spaces in the city.

“I tried to paint Borough Market before, but I was too busy to see anything by 11:00 am,” says Botting. “Since the population of Covid was declining, we were able to actually see the shape and depth of the place and choose a character.”

His other works have many clues to the blockade. In his street scene, Lidogate and Don’t (butcher and bookstore, respectively) are open and the latter is closed. On the other hand, for winter swimmers, highgate botting captured the intentional isolation of the Covidian by having a winter wild swimmer train himself at the end of the dive. board.

As an observer of human behavior, botting increases mindness, swims in cold water, cycles without destinations, and burns banana bread.

“The way of life at this moment really came out when people were just very happy to meet others,” he says. “If something is rejected, it becomes more valuable. I think it will be important to bring people closer and be with family and friends.

There are painters of lonely urban experiences such as Giorgio de Chirico of Italy and Edward Hopper. The painting of Nighthawks in 1942 is a symbol of urban loneliness. Botting is trying to get the feeling of “looking at the world while escaping from the world.”

From gallery fans at the National Gallery to tennis players at the Camp Denhill Lawn Tennis Club, Porzes’ summer sunbathing, his leisure and cultural pursuit paintings find a sweet feeling of holiday and sport satisfaction.

There is also a delicious observation of London’s cafe society and restaurants. For example, the paintings inside Walsley, Brasserie Zedel, and Sam’s Riverside tried to make Botting as invisible as possible in order to paint freely. There is also pub and cafe life from Tresco to Old Compton. The street, and therefore the title of the show.

“A year ago, it was hard to get out,” says Botting. “It was good for me, but sometimes drawing these scenes was properly chilly, but it pushed everyone out.”


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