How designers are adding a pop of colour to interiors using epoxy resin decor

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How designers are adding a pop of colour to interiors using epoxy resin decor

In the past few years, thanks to Reels and TikTok, DIY decor trends have caught a lot of eyeballs. One such trend is making trinkets for full-scale river tables with epoxy resin. The joy of creating different shapes, preserving souvenirs or connecting with wood turns out to be quite therapeutic when you pour the liquid resin and wait for it to solidify. Designers are now using epoxy resin to create wall art, furniture, clocks and so on to create statement pieces for your home.

Van Rivier Tables and Full Size Furniture

Live-edge tables with a bit of epoxy resin are all the rage right now and the pioneers of that space are the team behind SIDR (by Bohri Ali). A brand that started from the back lanes of Pune’s Raviwarpeth market, it is now a full-fledged e-commerce space for all your furniture needs. Conceptualized by their lead designer Huzefa Hakim, SIDR (the furniture arm for Bohri Ali), makes intricate dining tables and chests of drawers using epoxy. Most of Hakim’s work is inspired by the rivers of India, and you can find hinds of Ganga, Brahmaputra and the Dawki River on their tables.

Bohra Ali/Instagram

Make it yourself

Given their background in the paint industry, Bohri Ali is also one of the biggest sellers for Hanson (epoxy resin brand). They use this knowledge and regularly hold workshops to create trinkets at home. Hyderabad-based artist Marzia Ali took to the resin during the lockdown and hosted workshops for beginners. Her DIY kit The Duende Box is a perfect starter guide to using resin.

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Put it on a wall

Sonika Gambhir Furia started her art page on Instagram just before lockdown, but little did she know that her hobby would become a full-fledged business. She uses resin, acrylic, glass paint, botanicals and crystals to create art. Her work is custom and she consults with the clients to understand the space where they intend to exhibit her art before they begin. Her latest work includes photo resin that uses a photo as a background and with the help of the abstract slow resin she creates a frame for the photo. From clocks and trays to coasters, she makes it all!


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