How Sweet It Is: Fashionable NFTs Provide a Path Forward for Fan-Favorite Artist, Sugarluxe

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Sugarluxe from the Pretty Smart Art NFT collection featuring Kendra Scott as collector’s card # 20 to commemorate Scott’s 20th anniversary.

Sugar Lux artist Chandra Michaels has created her first collection in over a decade and will drop as an NFT during Women’s History Month, which benefits passforwards.

Chandra Michaels not only created an audience for Sugarluxe brand customers, friends and followers, but also created a movement! “

— Mark Schaefer

Austin, Texas, USA, March 22, 2022 / Michaels, an artist known as Sugar Lux, rediscovers her roots by combining technology and art to create new collections. did. The revenue offered as an NFT entitled Pretty Smart Art will help support PathForward’s mission to enable people to resume their careers. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of jewelery mogul Kendra Scott, the new Sugar Lux Art incorporates an illustrated version of Kendra Scott’s designer accessories.

Known for its collector’s items and praised for its ability to build communities, Sugar Lux quickly found fans and renowned clients. “Chandra Michaels didn’t just create an audience for Sugarluxe brand customers, friends and followers. She created a movement!” Branding in the digital age.

Miley Cyrus gained fame after being featured on the cover of Life Magazine in front of “Fabulous.” This is Sugar Lux’s first large-scale work, and her career was shortened when she gave birth to twins suffering from a series of complications. ..

Longtime fans of the brand have been anxious for her return, and with this NFT collection, she aims to help women recover from the COVID-19 career recession.

COVID-19 has unemployed millions of women. According to a McKinsey study, one in three mothers had to leave their jobs or shift their careers. Just months after the pandemic broke out, Michaels’ husband went out one night … and she never returned. As a new single mother with no income, she went to work to learn as much as she could to keep up with the technology to support her children.

Michaels explains: “The time devoted to caring for the twins was the most rewarding time in my life, but I was also in a dangerous relationship, exacerbated by the COVID stressors. Like many mothers abandoning their careers. In addition, the unexpected departure of my ex-husband, who is financially dependent on his spouse, was a blessing, albeit very stressful, although few people knew my situation. , People who know, including friends who recommended NFT research, did everything they could to support us, so I dug deeper into all of the cryptocurrencies. It can be a topic of extremes, but the bottom line is that financial freedom is an important priority for those involved in this area. Today, women around the world are looking for ways to manage their economies well. -There is. I am one of those women. “

The new Sugarluxe collection, titled “Pretty Smart Art,” features hand-painted hipster girls with carefully selected characters that highlight Kendra Scott’s gorgeous accessories. The broad appeal of the Sugar Lux brand is more than a pretty face. Below the surface, its purpose is to create a conversation about the fact that women are not merely objects of desire. Women are the major developers of the future.

Michaels said: “My first art studio was on the famous 6th Avenue in Austin, Texas, just a few doors down from Kendra Scott’s studio. A brand development consultant to fund the launch of Sugar Lux. Kendra hired me to create collateral in preparation for the entry into the retail giant Austin. Since then, I’ve worked with many women who have accomplished great things. These women inspire and motivate my work. Beauty and brain. “

Dropped this month, the Pretty Smart Capsule Collection is kept confidential except for a few tips on social media. Series 1 highlights 30 beautiful limited edition characters (and 3 rare VIP pieces) with over 1200 illustrated features. Token holders also have access to exclusive NFT airdrops, member-only content, and merchandise.

A portion of the revenue will benefit the pass forward. Michaels knows directly how difficult it is to start over, so her goal is to allow caregivers to resume their careers after spending time in caregiving, primarily through a return program. Raise awareness and raise funds to support your mission.

—> Sugarluxe is an American sweet art created by Chandra Michaels, a lifestyle brand with a focus on kindness and empowerment. A popular pop artist for fans, she is passionate about socio-economic equality and is building a creative platform to bring more diversity to the male-dominated art and technology space.

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Introducing the Pretty Smart Art NFT Collection featuring Sugar Lux art by artist Chandra Michaels


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