How This American Made Wood Décor Maker Is Redefining Sustainability, Customization

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How This American Made Wood Décor Maker Is Redefining Sustainability, Customization

Wood-burning decor maker Fire and Pine started in 2016 with just a handful of team members working out of part of a warehouse. Today, the team is 24 artisans strong with its own full-scale production facility in the small town of Ridgeland, SC

Using its proprietary wood burning process, the company creates patented wall displays, milestone displays, decorative wall charts, signs, custom decor and more for clients in all 50 states and internationally. While the company is best known for its wood-engraved maps—all of which, minus historical maps, are designed in-house—more recent product additions include custom wood ornaments, sets of six square and circular slate cushions that are engraved. artwork, and more.

In total, Fire and Pine offers more than 100,000 different variations of artwork based on design, color and size thanks to the creation process. The company’s pieces and partnerships can be found across the country among wholesale customers—and many gift shops, boutiques and markets actually carry their own exclusive card designs thanks to Fire and Pine’s customization process and capabilities.

Each piece of the brand’s team is made to order and wood products are made with natural, untreated pine wood ethically sourced in the United States and milled, split, sanded and joined by the company’s craftsmen. The handmade creation process results in a piece of wood wall art with its own distinctive wood grain, tone and potential knots.
Each piece of wood is finished with environmentally safe waterborne sealants and color paint coatings, and the company’s focus on the environment doesn’t stop there. Fire and Pine is now working to convert its facilities to solar energy and is finding new ways to use wood waste to make smaller products like ornaments and reduce waste. A wood recycling process brings wood chips, sawdust and other pieces of wood waste too small to be used as bedding to a local horse farm. To further offset their use of wood, the company also recently partnered with One Tree Planted, a Vermont-based environmental nonprofit focused on global reforestation. Through them, Fire and Pine donated enough for 100 trees to start and now, for every tree used in manufacturing, the company donates enough money to plant five trees.

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