How to Create a Home Bar That Will Dazzle Your Guests

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The joy of visiting a cocktail bar goes far beyond liberation. It’s the same for the company, the atmosphere, and all the trinkets. At home, a well-designed bar creates a similar sensation, serving as a special place for a drink after work or a celebration with family and friends.

Andrew Svarski, an interior designer based in New York, said: “When setting up a bar, it shows that you are interested in entertaining people and helping people experience them.”

Also, home bars are often hidden in unobtrusive places, giving you the opportunity to take design risks. Leslie Martin, founder of M & M Interior Design, with studios in Chicago and San Diego, said: In a powder room situation, you can take this opportunity to make a little jewelry box. They are often in closed rooms, so you should grow up. “

Martin and other interior designers shared advice on how to create an impressive home bar.

Find the right space

The built-in home bar doesn’t have to be huge. Sure, if you have a basement, you might be able to build a basement that resembles a full-scale British pub. But in many cases, smaller is better. Push the statement bar into an unused niche or closet, or add it to a small corridor or kitchen pantry for compelling results.

In an apartment in Manhattan, Svarsky added the function of a bar to a pair of brass and marble-lined living room corners. M & M once found a bar space in the short corridor between the dining room and the powder room.

StudioDB, a New York-based architectural and interior design company, is often even smaller. In an apartment on Park Avenue, the designer created a bar in the closet. The closet is so small and shallow that others may simply have covered the space with drywall. Brit Zunino, a partner at Studio DB, said:

If you don’t have an extra closet, the cabinets (one or two) will work properly. When designing a solarium in Bronxville, NY, New York-based interior design company Carrier and Company has paired antique-like custom-made self-contained cabinets with bar features such as sinks, faucets, and refrigerator drawers. Added.

“They look like nicely painted cabinets,” said company partner Jesse Career, but can be open to support poolside parties.

Make a statement

The Home Bar is an ideal place to use bold paint colors, wallpapers and materials that can be nervous to use elsewhere. When designing a bar in a Brooklyn townhouse, Carrier and Company coated the cabinets with bright blue lacquer and covered the ceiling with Calico’s dazzling gold and white marble wallpaper.

“We really went bankrupt,” Career said. “It was intended to be very luxurious, bright, and cheerful.”

M & M has installed an eggplant-colored cabinet in a bar lined with tortoiseshell wallpaper. In another home bar, the company used aqua green cabinets under a ceiling covered with striped wallpaper. In both cases, “I just wanted the bar to be this’awesome’moment,” Martin said.

Joe Lucas, founder of Los Angeles interior design firm Lucas Studio, said another way to include decorative prosperity is to install an eye-catching backsplash. At the home bar in Agoura Hills, California, Lucas installed Waterworks terracotta tiles adorned with graphic hand-painted stripes and triangles.

“It draws people in,” Lucas said. “The world is your oyster,” he added, as so many wall coverings and decorative tile products are available.

Accept some brilliance

Add a glossy reflective surface to add an attractive touch that can withstand damage. Career likes back splashes made of antique mirrors and sometimes adds glass shelves.

“It’s water and alcohol resistant, and it’s easy to clean, so it has a practical element,” he said. “But it also adds a bit of sparkle. Antique mirrors are really pretty for evening cocktail hours, especially when you light a candle.”

Many designers prefer shiny lacquered cabinets and shiny wall paints for similar reasons. Not only does it add luster and reflectivity, it can be easily wiped off when splattered with the wrong lime squeeze.

Exhibition plan

Cocktail glasses, champagne flutes, ice buckets, bottles and bar utensils are often beautiful. To show off them, we include open shelves, an upper cabinet with a glass or metal mesh front, and a handsome tray that can hold various items on the counter.

“When you collect a variety of glass and put it in an open-front or glass cabinet, it almost always looks really special,” Subaruski said, with the work being fine-crystal or low-cost glassware. I said, regardless of whether it was there.

According to Lucas, shelves and trays can hold attractive bottles, and common bottles can be hidden in cabinets with sturdy doors. “Now so many bottles are beautiful, with all the mezcal, tequila and gin,” he said. “It’s really great to put them out.”

He pointed out that vintage ice buckets, cocktail shakers, tongs, coasters and other utensils can also be used as decorative accessories when not in use. And the framed art helps to complete the collected look just by hanging in the space or sitting at the counter.

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Dimming the light

There are good reasons for most cocktail bars to keep their lights low. It creates a calm atmosphere that makes people and things look the best.

Instead of flooding the bar with ceiling lights, consider using decorative pendants and sconces, or upper cabinets and shelves with built-in accent lighting. Martin likes to use wall-mounted picture lights that illuminate the artwork and provide the brilliance of the surroundings.

“It’s all about mood lighting,” she said. “With a bar, I don’t want to shed a flashy light that would destroy that moment.”

If the electrical box is not in the right place for the fixtures wired in the space, the plug-in wall mount candlestick or table lamp will work as well.

LED bulbs should provide a warm white color temperature of about 2,700 Kelvin instead of 5,000 Kelvin that mimics daylight. It is also advisable to install a fixture in the dimmer so that the light can be adjusted throughout the day.

Consider plumbing and appliances

The home bar does not need to be equipped with faucets, sinks, or appliances such as wine coolers and ice makers. But depending on your habits and budget, they can add to your experience.

“If you have a small bar sink, it’s really great to push it in,” Zunino said. “We tend to look for small decorative sinks,” she said. Your bar sink doesn’t have to withstand the daily abuses that kitchen sinks suffer, so it’s not made of stainless steel, but a hammered nickel or copper finish. “It’s a little more unusual.”

Any equipment should be tailored to your drinking habits, Lucas said. If you’re a wine collector, a wine cooler feels good, but if you’re interested in cooling beer, soda, and a blender, a regular under-counter fridge or fridge drawer may be a better choice.

However, Lucas recommended adding an ice machine without hesitation. This is what he considers to be one of the most important home bar luxuries. “Some clients are like,’No, we don’t need it,'” he said. “But I can promise you that you will never regret having it.”

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