How to make an epic gingerbread house

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Gingerbread house is an old tradition that has existed since the 16th century. Sticking with sticky icing and adorned with candies and edible paint, these cookie-walled houses have become a popular Christmas activity.

Utah bakery Andie Bryce knows how to make the most spectacular gingerbread house. Why can’t she? Her family has built the Gingerbread House for over 46 years.

“In 1974, our Grama Judy and her neighbors learned how to build a gingerbread house together,” Bryce said. “A few years later, they started exhibiting the Gingerbread House to encourage people to visit local historic sites! Grama taught her daughter, our mom, how to make them, and she. Taught us! “

As a kid, Bryce and her sister “blowed off Christmas music, built houses together all weekend, singing and dancing in the kitchen, and sneaking candy for the house.” And now she is determined to keep her art alive.

Last week, Bryce published her latest work on her Instagram account. This is a complex replica of the “Holiday” Kate Winslet cottage to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the movie.

This replica consisted of a wheat roof, decadent candy stonework, and battery-powered lights, which took 15-20 hours to create.

Bryce also built other striking designs from “Home Alone,” such as the Arc de Triomphe and Kevin McCallister’s house.

“There is something very special about making your own gingerbread, building your own home, and developing your skills every year,” Bryce said.

If you’re inspired to build a great gingerbread house yourself, here are 10 tips and tricks to help you get started.

  1. Find your inspiration on Pinterest.

The first step is to make a plan. If you know what you want your gingerbread house to look like, it’s easy to buy the right materials and decorations and find the right design. Bakeries like Bryce often share designs on Pinterest. Design solutions company Magnet has collected the top 20 most popular designs you can find here.

2. Collect the tools.

Make sure the tools and materials are in place before baking and decorating. It’s hard to find a candy cane or chocolate button when you’re in the middle of a candy cane with sticky hands.

3. Cut the shape before baking.

If you are familiar with the design you want to use, cut out the shape of the gingerbread house before baking. This helps to avoid breaking the gingerbread when cutting out the shape after the gingerbread has already been baked.

4. Gingerbread icing.

Before assembling the structure, it is advisable to decorate the individual parts. According to Honolulu Magazine, icing sticks best to itself. This also prevents the icing from being ruined.

5. Keep the icing ready for execution.

According to 5280, icing dries very quickly and is best covered with a damp cloth, said Sophie Paladino, Hilton Denver Inverness Pastry Kitchen Supervisor. This simple trick makes it much easier.

6. Create a stable structure.

By adding frosting inside when assembling the gingerbread house, you can create a stable structure that allows you to stay standing longer. In addition, the structure becomes clearer without leaking the icing line.

7. Timing is important.

Allow time for the icing to dry so as not to ruin the gingerbread house. It’s easy to rush, but it’s a good idea to let the icing dry overnight before carrying the masterpiece anywhere. In addition, according to Santa Maria Times, pastry artist Catherine Beddall should consider stepping through individual items until they are dry.

8. Light up.

To make the Gingerbread House look special, add a battery-powered tealight to make it more effective, as Bryce did. At night, the illuminated gingerbread house is the perfect Christmas decoration.

9. Keep it safe and fresh.

Once you’ve built a gingerbread house, cover it at night to protect it from dust and insects. A simple plastic cover can do tricks to ensure that your work is kept safe. Don’t forget to eat within a week while still fresh!

10. Invite another cook to your kitchen.

Keep in mind that this is a festive activity and not so much fun to do on your own. Invite your family and friends to build the entire village of Gingerbread House.

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