How to nail traditional decor, without your home looking old-fashioned


Paint colors also play an important role in balancing the warmth and deep tones of antique wooden furniture. Her favorites are Farrow & Ball’s Light Blue, and Edward Bloomers’ Lilac Pink is what she returns over and over again. “I think it’s a great color. For me, it offsets the brown furniture incredibly well. It’s a juxtaposition of its pale stucco shades and the richness of a nice mahogany chest. In the background, it’s a very strong combination, so the backbone of the room is heavy enough to hold it, so you can drop it into a striped lampshade or a quirky floral shirring lampshade. “

Also, the key to her way of mixing old and new is a variety of visual inspiration, including classic decorators such as Nina Campbell, Robert Kime, and Nicky Haslam, as well as the latest tools from social media. The source. “I always use Instagram,” she says. “It was really interesting in the last few years that we have all been able to feed each other for inspiration and see what else is happening there. You got inspiration. You don’t have to translate anything literally. I think you need to allow yourself to be inspired and influenced by what you see, but don’t try to emulate it completely. ..

“For me, I see what I find really useful as much as I like. Seeing something, logging it, and thinking” it doesn’t work for me “as well. Useful for. The reason is the same. “

While this flexible, creative and relaxed approach is practiced with the goal of creating not only beautiful but comfortable rooms, each decorating history, it still has its own era. It certainly has a timeless look. But at the same time (sorry Flora), it’s becoming a very trend.

How to embrace traditional decoration without making your home look archaic

⇒ Take a look at the whole house, even if you don’t decorate it all at once. Think about how one room flows into another, and how one color connects to another. And don’t be afraid to repeat one color over and over again. Because your eyes are in sync.

⇒ All rooms must have one or two heroes. There are certain items that will be rewarded for your investment. Then it’s when you want to be smart about what you can chop around them and change. Make sure that the parts that are important to you are at the forefront and not pushed into the background.

⇒ When mixing patterns, you don’t have to be a natural companion. Mix the floral pattern with stripes or ikat. However, if you mix patterns of very different colors, keep in mind that there is something that integrates the two patterns in between.

⇒Always prepare something that does not fit your body, does not taste too much, and is a little flashy in the room. Quite often, for me, putting it together is one of the things that is jarring or completely incorrect. Otherwise, it may seem too considered, so I need a hint.

⇒I love using wallpaper. I think the room has a lot of effects. This can be as much a background canvas as the main “look at me” feature. It provides an extra layer, another depth.

⇒ Paint brands such as Edward Blumer, Farrow & Ball and Mylands offer very good free advice as part of their packaging. They are very experienced in their field – draw from the advice they give and the inspiration they provide.

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